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Lose your Bio shame & share your professional brilliance everywhere

Bio Brilliance is a 10-step process to upgrade, adapt and share your professional message across 20+ platforms…so your brand is consistent and you get SEEN.

Ready to create a killer Bio and messaging that…


...stands on its own and can be adapted and shared everywhere?

...reflects your expertise and represents your BEST professional self?


...has you feel confident and ready for exposure, opportunities and income?


With Bio Brilliance, there’s no need to stress or scramble when sharing who you are and what you do.


You’ll learn to craft messaging you’re proud of that’s powerful, consistent and appropriate for multiple platforms…all in just a few hours.

If you can relate to any of these, you are not alone...

  • Your messaging is outdated and doesn’t represent who you are professionally

  • Your messaging feels too boring, too formal, incomplete or inauthentic

  • Your online presence and brand are haphazard or inconsistent

  • You lack confidence in your experience or have feelings of Imposter Syndrome

  • You avoid opportunities and exposure that will raise your level and your income

Here’s what’s possible for you with Bio Brilliance

  • Your messaging is current, impressive and represents the BEST of you and your work

  • Your brand is everywhere and it matches the tone of each platform perfectly

  • You’re proud of how you show up and how you represent your business or career

  • You’re ready when opportunity knocks and excited to share what you do


  • You actively seek out exposure, advancement and income opportunities

If you want to feel more confident professionally & create compelling copy that reflects it...

Bio Brilliance is a 10-step micro course that helps you create powerful professional messaging in just a few hours by showing you how to...


  • Review your skills, experience, impact and personal/professional story

  • Create or upgrade a long-form Master Bio that can be used in full

  • Adapt your Master Bio to varying lengths and for use on social media profiles

  • Adjust the tone for different platforms and “humanize” your message

  • Share your message everywhere to increase visibility and ensure brand consistency


Plus you'll get...

  • Bio Brilliance Cheat Sheet to help you stay on track as you work

  • Bio Brilliance Tip Sheet to make writing and sharing your brilliance easier

  • Imposter Syndrome & Your Bio bonus video to help you identify confidence challenges and OWN your expertise

  • Special Coaching Opportunity to get Courtney's eyes on - and feedback on - YOUR Bio and messaging strategy

Bio Brilliance will work for you if you're...

Newer in business or to the workforce and you want to create your first Bio that highlights your education, your skills, your story and your vision


An entrepreneur who wants a killer Bio that you can adapt for your website, social media, marketing, speaking, elevator pitch and more

A career professional who wants a polished Bio that you can adapt for your resume and use as talking points for interviews, performance reviews and more


An executive who wants to increase your visibility & expand your existing platform with powerful, current and consistent messaging


A creative who wants to share your talent and highlight products, projects and roles to get more sales, exposure and opportunities

Hi, I’m Courtney & here’s one version of MY Bio (hint, hint) so you know more about me…

CP Orange

Courtney Parks, MA, CPCC is a Business & Career Coach and Owner of Courtney Parks Coaching, a company dedicated to helping women create success professionally without exhausting themselves personally. For the past 17 years, Courtney has helped thousands of women to transform their work and their lives by combining solid business and career development strategies with intuition, inspiration and personal growth. With a master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University and certification from the Co-Active Training Institute, Courtney has a unique blend of skills and expertise that makes working with her like getting a certified coach, business and career consultant, mindset expert and spiritual advisor all-in-one. Her clients span from consultants, creatives and C-suite executives to women on the rise in finance, law and journalism. She's been fortunate to help many double, triple, even quadruple their incomes while working less so they have time for themselves and their families.

While I have solid credentials and an established, successful business, it definitely took me some time (and several revisions) to evaluate and express my expertise in an authentic and powerful way.


Since I’ve helped so many of my clients to do the same, I wanted to make the process easier and help you craft messaging that matters too. I created Bio Brilliance so you could own your expertise, expand your visibility and use your Bio in all its forms to create even more success in your business and career now.

With Bio Brilliance, you can spend a few hours and be ready when…

Your latest client or customer clicks on your (new, improved) About page to learn more

You find your dream job or project and want to apply, interview and promote yourself

You join a new networking group that needs updated professional stats and social media

You’re asked to do a speaking gig for your target audience and the host wants an introduction

You’re up for a promotion and need your skills, strengths, results and talking points prepared

Your work or your art are going to be featured and you need supporting information about you

You’re contacted about an interview or media opportunity where you need to sell yourself

Inside Bio Brilliance you'll get...

Welcome Video Photo_edited_edited_edited

Welcome & Walk Through Video

Learn why you need powerful messaging & how the course works

BB Training 2.png

Bio Brilliance Training Video 2

Adapt your Bio, adjust the tone & share on multiple platforms

BB Cheat Sheet.png

Bio Brilliance
Cheat Sheet

An outline of the 10 steps to help you stay on track while you work

BB Imposter _edited_edited.jpg

Imposter Syndrome & Your Bio Video

Identify confidence challenges & learn to own your expertise

BB Training 1.png

Bio Brilliance Training Video 1

Review your experience, skills and impact & create a Master Bio

BB 20 Spaces_edited.jpg

20 Spaces & Places To Share Your Bio

Get examples of 20 places you can share your professional messaging

BB Tip Sheet_edited.jpg

Bio Brilliance
Tip Sheet

5 extra tips to make writing & sharing your brilliance easier

CP Pink Blog_edited_edited.jpg

Special Coaching Opportunity

Work with Courtney on your Bio & messaging for a nice price

Kate Flory.png

“A great opportunity to not only reflect on my message but also to get into action, put my thoughts into words and get everything onto my website.”

Kate Flory, Inspirational Coach & Trainer


“Courtney’s coaching and recommendations are spot on and we’ve improved our marketing, our online presence and our communication.”

Meyla Ruwin, CEO & Co-Owner


“With Courtney’s help, I was able to get clear on the next phase of my career including everything from interview techniques to my ideal work and life.”

 Abby Sharpe, Director of Clinical Applications

Elise Cohen.jpg

“Since working with Courtney, I’ve got a revamped newsletter and social media presence that I’m proud of, I’ve doubled my clients and increased my income by 30%.”

Elise Cohen, Certified Life Coach & Tarot Practitioner

Just think, in a few hours you can have…
  • A complete Master Bio you’re proud of that represents you at your best professionally

  • Multiple, tailored versions across platforms and a brand that’s consistent and compelling

  • Language and talking points for your resume, your next interview, your elevator pitch and more

  • Increased visibility by sharing your message with new people, organizations and opportunities

  • Confidence in your expertise you can translate to better work, more income and greater success

Whether you’re looking for a new job, more clients or customers, professional partnerships, lucrative projects, better gigs, an elevated platform or ways to engage and network online and off…with Bio Brilliance, you’ll be ready.

Bio Brilliance


  • Welcome & Walk Through Video

  • Two Training Videos with the BB 10-Step Process

  • 20 Spaces & Places to Share Your Bio

  • Bio Brilliance Cheat Sheet PDF

  • Bio Brilliance Tip Sheet PDF


    Bonus: Imposter Syndrome & Your Bio Video

    Bonus: Special Coaching Opportunity with Courtney

    Save an extra $20 off this ultra-affordable price and get Bio Brilliance for just $27 through 

The fine print: Since this is an easy-to-consume digital product, there are no refunds after purchase. Special Coaching Opportunity with Courtney available only to students who choose to purchase the session (at a reduced price) after completing Bio Brilliance. Restrictions apply.

Courtney White Social.jpg

Since I’m giving extra energy to my current clients, I do my best not to overload my schedule and exhaust myself. Please don’t wait to purchase your session if you’re interested - I’d love to help you AND help you save.

How it works:

  1. Click the buy button to purchase Bio Brilliance

  2. Check your inbox for your receipt and a welcome message from Courtney

  3. Click the link and follow instructions to login to the Bio Brilliance platform

  4. You’ll get instant access to the videos and PDF’s and you can start right away



If you have questions or you’re not sure my Intuitive Success Sessions are right for you, check out the FAQ’s below and don’t hesitate to get in touch (we can set up a quick chat too). I’ll do my best to share any resources I can if these sessions - or my coaching – aren’t a good fit for you.


I'd love to support you in using your intuition to make powerful and meaningful change in your business, career and life right now while also helping you save.


I look forward to coaching with you and sending good energy, no matter what!!


To your success and happiness,


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