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Success Makeover

In just 3 sessions, we'll create the vision, plan and mindset you need to reach your next level of success.

  • Are you thinking about a career move and need a solid plan to make it happen?

  • Do you love what you do and are ready to scale up but making more money just feels like more work?

  • Are you at the top of your professional game and want to keep going and growing without burning out?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you could be a perfect fit for my Success Makeover.

Hi, I’m Courtney...


I know what it’s like to feel frustrated, overwhelmed and unhappy at work.


Before I became a coach and opened my business 16 years ago, I'd had a couple of different careers. I did work that was interesting but didn’t thrill me, work that was meaningful but had me in tears, work that was fun but wasn’t challenging. I was underpaid in every one.

Success Makeover with Courtney Parks Coaching

Even when felt like I was “successful” and proud that I was sharing my gifts, I was pretty tapped out…and I knew things could be SO much better.


Fast forward to now and I can honestly say I adore my work and I know what it's like to experience true success. Not the perfect version, of course, but it’s REALLY good.  


 - I've worked with thousands of clients, both privately and in groups, combining my expertise in coaching, business building and career development with my background in psychotherapy and my intuitive gifts.


- I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars on some of the best counseling, coaching and business training that money can buy because I really do 'walk my talk'.


- I've even created a 5 Step Coaching Method that helps women to grow professionally without sacrificing themselves personally - and been amazed by the results and the transformations in the work and lives of my private clients.


And I want to share with you what I've learned and what I teach in a shorter, sweeter and even more affordable way ;).

I created my Success Makeover to give you the essential tools to reach your next level of success. We’ll create a personalized program focusing on exactly what you need so you can make powerful change in just 3 sessions.


You'll get:

  • clarity on where your business or career is headed

  • a solid strategy for your business growth or career development

  • a mindset that will support you both professionally and personally

"When I started working with Courtney, I wanted to scale my consulting business and I knew I was the biggest obstacle to making that happen. The minute I hired her, I had a 5 figure month and I’m on pace to increase my annual income by at least 25%. I also landed a large client contract that’s put me in a position to add 2 team members to my company. Best of all, I have the tools to help me create a schedule where I’m working less AND I don’t feel guilty about it! Courtney has a way of helping you focus on only the things you really love to do. I appreciate her ability to understand and 'talk' business and also spend plenty of time working on feelings and mindset. It’s a blended approach that worked wonders for me."

Jessica Maes, Marketing Consultant, Maes Consulting Group

I’ve designed this program to cover three areas and we’ll work together to choose the specific topics that will create the most impact for you, your business and your career.


Here are just some of the ways I can help you in your Success Makeover:



  • Discover your passion, your strengths and what to do now in your career

  • Create your ideal professional vision and connect with your big why

  • Match your business and career strategy with who you are as a person



  • Translate your passion into a money-making job or business

  • Promote yourself through networking, marketing and social media

  • Streamline your daily operations so your work and life run smoothly



  • Shift your beliefs so they fuel your success AND support your life

  • Get clear on your "worth" and comfortable making more with less effort

  • Stay motivated and inspired instead of guilty and frustrated

"For me, the shifts in my perspective resulting from my Success Makeover with Courtney changed everything. With her help, I was able to get very clear on what I needed in the next phase of my life and my career. She was able to hone in on what I needed, from tactical things like interview techniques to helping me figure out what my ideal work life includes. The results are staggering to me still: I have a brand new position where I’m working less and earning more – plus I’m feeling so optimistic about the road ahead. I will be forever grateful for Courtney’s guidance, which helped transform one of my most difficult periods into one of my most powerful professional successes."

Abby Sharpe, Director of Clinical Applications, Harbor Health Services, Inc.

Here are the details:


Success Makeover

A short-term program giving you the essential tools to reach your next level of success


  • Brief questionnaire to clarify issues & topics

  • One 60 min. coaching session (with Mini Discovery)

  • Two 45 min. coaching sessions (set two weeks apart)

  • Action steps and accountability to keep you on track


Investment:  $795 introductory pricing

If you think my Success Makeover is right for you, I’d love to talk with you about it. To be sure that working together and this program is a good fit, we'll set up a Free Meet & Greet Coaching Consultation to get to know each other and discuss the details.


Since this is a popular program and I give a high level of attention to my private clients, I only book a limited number of Makeovers on my schedule. Please complete the form below right away so we can talk and you can secure your spot.

Just fill in your contact information and we’ll set up your Free Meet & Greet Coaching Consultation as soon as possible.


I can’t wait to help you to reach your next level of success!!


Lots of warmth,



Thanks! I'll be in touch to set up a time to discuss your Makeover soon!

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