• Courtney Parks, MA, CPCC

Why Forcing Yourself To Work Is Getting In The Way Of Your Success

How would it feel to do ONLY what you want in your work and your life?

Never forcing yourself into activities that feel challenging or uncomfortable and simply focusing on what feels easy, exciting and just right for you.

I’ve lived this way many times over the years - when I’ve let myself - because my intuition was so clear that forcing myself to do things was cutting off my ability to experience true success and happiness. I’ve known for a long time that my vision doesn’t revolve around obligation but instead around freedom and choice.

When I work with clients on doing what they want instead of forcing what they don’t, everything changes. Decisions are easier, motivation increases and they start to get real results. New jobs and projects they love, a burst of income, ideal clients and major opportunities for professional exposure. They also get a huge sense of relief that translates to all areas of their life because the way they’re working and living actually fits.

If this idea intrigues you and you want to test it out, here are 3 things to know.

It’s a huge gift to say NO

When you stop going places that drain your energy, engaging with people that don’t fit or working on things that don’t thrill you, it’s a beautiful lesson in self-care. Your system gets a really nice rest and you get the space to plug into activities that actually match your desire. While you don’t have to let everything go (unless you want to), getting comfortable with releasing obligation to make room for the good stuff will literally transform your life.

Pay attention to your body

It’s actually pretty simple to make decisions on what’s a yes or a no when you tune into your body. I tell clients all the time that if it feels good, you’re on the right track. When I’m in the midst of my own upleveling process, my body has this amazing way of helping me by giving me strong signals - an upset stomach or a fuzzy head - so that it’s really difficult to do things I’m forcing myself to do. As my body learns to trust that I’ll choose what’s best or when the timing is best, my symptoms subside and things get completed easily.

Your energy impacts your results

From a business and professional standpoint, forcing things can really get in the way. While you can make modest gains when it comes to results, the biggest and most sustainable shifts occur when you’re BEHIND whatever it is you’re doing. So if something in your job or business doesn’t suit you or you don’t enjoy it, that translates. The good news is you can either let go of certain activities or you can adjust them so they feel better and still get results. Like when my client switched from doing seminars in a boring conference room in the mornings to doing them in a lovely restaurant in the evening - and got SO much more business as a result.

So do yourself a favor and disconnect from what you don’t love in your work and life so you can spend more time on what you really love…and watch what happens to your success :).

Do you have trouble giving yourself permission to enjoy?

My approach to success is not the typical "no pain, no gain" mentality because that rarely works for women. Women get results professionally when they're committed and inspired - not overworking and tired. I'd love to see how I can support you in making things EASIER - so sign up for a Free Meet & Greet Coaching Consultation with me HERE.

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