• Courtney Parks, MA, CPCC

How To Get Work Done During Summer When You Just Want To Goof Off

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It’s summertime and it’s the perfect opportunity to relax, kick back, take time off and have some major FUN. Think about it…the weather’s great, the kids are out of school, you work hard ALL year long and dammit you DESERVE it.

But wait – you want to up your income? You want to land that next gig? You want to make sure that guy you work next to doesn’t get the corner office?

While work and fun might seem mutually exclusive, you CAN keep going and growing plus still take time to unwind.

Here are 3 simple steps to help to get work done during summer.

Question your "shoulds"

When I’m coaching clients and they say they don’t want to work on their biz or career, I say “OK, what happens if you don’t?” I’m not trying to be sarcastic; I really want to know what’s on the other side of that question.

So if I don’t show up for appointments - my clients get confused, get mad and eventually stop paying me. Or if you don’t do your job - the boss calls you in, you get demoted and probably get fired. Pretty much the demise of your biz or career…you get the point.

On the other hand, not working as much might be no big deal. The laundry list of “shoulds” is usually way too long and cutting back probably won’t kill your career. If you put stuff off because you’re goofing off and something bad happens (or you think it will), you’ll get it done. Beyond that, concentrate your energy on what really matters when it comes to your current goals and make a plan to take care of – or delegate – the less urgent work later.

Shift your attitude

Sometimes you just need to remember that your work isn’t torture and it’s possible to enjoy yourself WHILE working. How can you make your work easier or more fun? Maybe you network while you’re at the neighborhood BBQ or you get a big chunk accomplished and then treat yourself with a trip to the BEACH.

Most of us have had the experience of getting so frustrated with the idea of working that our feelings actually EXPAND the time we spend…because we’re busier wrestling in our mind than we are focusing on the task at hand. So stop stressing and plug some pleasure into your work or just take care of business, then unhook.

Reconnect with your passion

Many of us LOVE what we do but, as soon as it feels like work, we resist. When our purpose and our passion get lost in the nitty gritty details, we tend to get lost too.

Whenever I’m coaching a client and they’re feeling less than enthused about their job search, marketing move or latest project, I always bring them back to their vision. I simply have them talk about why they care about what they’re doing, how they imagine others will benefit from their work what their wish is when it comes to results.

Once I’ve helped them get inside the feeling they want and the excitement they have about the big picture, the little details take on a whole new meaning and inspiration returns. And guess what? The same thing happens when they take a break, up their energy and do anything that inspires them.

So whether you infuse your work with the feel of summer OR you balance enjoyment with getting stuff done, you, your biz and your career will all be happy :).

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