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How To Use Fear To Help You Crush It Professionally

If you notice yourself getting scared or holding back as you build your business or career, you are not alone. Fear is a natural part of the professional growth process and tends to show up every time you make a change or UP your level of success.

The bad news is fear wants to keep you stuck and in your place…and it’s very good at its job. The good news is fear can serve you beautifully when it comes to your goals and your dreams, as long as it doesn’t run the show.

Here are 3 ways to actually work WITH you fear.

Remember that fear is your friend

While fear can show up in some nasty ways, it’s really just a fiercely loving, protective energy that wants to keep you from harm. When fear shows up as you climb the ladder of success, it’s not because you’re doing something wrong, it’s because you’re doing something that matters. Otherwise, it would have no reason to be there. Recognizing fear for what it is and knowing that it’s trying to help gives you the chance to embrace it.

Let fear speak to you

Once people start to recognize their fear, they usually want to shut it down. But fear has a lot to say and a lot it can teach about what you need to move forward and really go after success. When you pay attention and find out what you’re most afraid of, your fear will let you know what’s really holding you back. Asking, listening and trusting your inner voice to share its concerns will give you an opportunity to do something about them.

Create a strategy to help

When you know what you’re really worried about, you can now take action in a whole different way. Fear doesn’t get to decide whether you make your next move, but it does get to help you make it easier. If you’re not speaking up at meetings because you’re afraid your ideas aren’t worthwhile, you can share those ideas with those you trust to get some feedback, support and practice in advance. If you’re not reaching out to prospects because you lack confidence in what you offer, you can ask your current clients exactly how they’ve benefited from your service - and even create some great testimonials too. Whatever it is that you’re afraid of, there’s always a way to soothe your fear (inside) and create a strategy (outside) that can help you create the success you deserve.

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