3 Myths About What It Takes To Succeed In Business

One of my favorite things to do as a coach is to challenge the beliefs my clients have about business growth and career development.

I often have VERY different views about what can “work” when it comes to success because I tend to see things from both a spiritual and a literal perspective. Sometimes when I share my thoughts, my clients literally laugh out loud - even I’m surprised at what comes out of my mouth!

But when I notice an idea is resonating and it makes my client feel like reaching her goal could be SO much easier than what she imagines, I know I’m onto something. Then when she gets results after taking action from that new perspective, we’re both hooked ;).

So here are 3 common myths about business success - plus some alternatives that I hope will give you some relief too.

Myth #1: Volume equals money

People have a tendency to believe that more is better.

In business, this translates to the concept that to make more, you have to serve more people, sell more products, spend more time, put out more energy…more, more, more!

In my experience, the “more is better” mentality is one of the leading causes of exhaustion for women.

While some women just love and are designed for volume-based business - because it truly matches who they are and how they operate - many simply see it as the only route to survival.

I recognized this for myself years ago when I was trying to follow a model based on “more”…and it just wasn’t working. I felt like something was wrong with me because I didn’t want to and honestly couldn’t keep up with the pace and the numbers I thought were “necessary”. Once I accepted that my way was all about high-end, personalized experience and connection, everything started to flow and my business grew rapidly.

So just remember that you can do business your way.

You can serve or sell to many at a lower price or fewer at a higher price.

You can change your market and shift from working with individuals to focusing on organizations (or some of both).

You can have an exclusive referral-only operation - like the woman I coached years ago who styles celebs and does events for big business - and has NO website but brings in more revenue from one engagement than most do in a year.

If you think quantity is the only route to success, consider a “less is more” approach.

Myth #2: Business is better from strangers

Another myth floating around is that you have to talk to strangers to make your business grow.

You have to call people you don’t know, connect with people you don’t know, speak in front of people you don’t know and, by default, feel really uncomfortable in the process.

While you definitely can and will get business from strangers, you don’t have to constantly seek them out in order to scale UP.

One of my clients reached six figures quickly during her first year back as a lawyer (after a break) by reaching out to - and even bumping INTO - former clients who wanted help for themselves, their families and their friends.

Another booked more than $11K in just over a week - all from existing clients and current biz opportunities that she wasn’t even noticing.

A third was so relieved she didn’t have to make cold calls to sell her new product line, she bumped up her income by 30% simply selling (and building her team) via “coffee dates” with friends and acquaintances.

Now don’t get me wrong, you will have to talk to strangers at some point!! That’s where the fun happens when you expand and find like-minded people who just love what you’re up to.

But your inner circle is really your greatest asset when it comes to success – and, trust me, money from strangers is not worth more than money from those already in your sphere.

Myth #3: You make success happen

This one is piggy backs on the myth above and it’s that YOU - and you alone - are responsible for the money or work that comes your way.

Beyond the fact that spirit is always working for you, it’s easy to feel (even when you’re part of a team) that the pressure is ALL on you. And while I’m all about taking personal responsibility for your success, the good news is that others are there to help.

I regularly share what my friends, colleagues and clients are up to (in conversation and online) because I want to support their work. I’ve also been fortunate to get the same from others in the form of referrals, opportunities and exposure - and this has had a HUGE impact on my growth.

More importantly, there are really effective ways to ASK for help and make it a win-win for everyone.

I regularly teach my clients the “how to” of enrolling others to assist in their sales and marketing - whether it’s in the form of referral incentives, affiliate programs, power partnerships or “guesting” done right.

No matter what, you don’t have to go it alone.

So when you notice yourself caught in a myth about success, that’s your signal to find another way.

And if you need help, it’s out there…and it’s right here too :).

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