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3 Myths About What It Takes To Succeed In Business

One of my favorite things to do as a coach is to challenge beliefs my clients have about business growth and career development.

I often have a unique perspective about what “works” when it comes to success because I see things from both a professional and spiritual standpoint. Sometimes when I share my thoughts, my clients laugh because I sound kind of crazy!

But when I notice an idea resonates with a client and makes her feel like reaching her goal could be much easier than she imagines, I know I’m onto something. Then when she gets results neither of us could have predicted, we’re both hooked.

So here are some common myths about success plus some alternatives that could work for you too.

Myth #1: Volume equals money

People have a tendency to believe that more is better.

In business, that translates to the idea that to increase your income, you have to serve more people, sell more products, spend more time and put out more energy.

In my opinion, this mentality is one of the leading causes of exhaustion for women.

While some women love and thrive in a volume-based business, many see it as the only path to success.

I recognized this years ago while trying to follow a volume model that just wasn’t working for me. I felt like something was wrong because I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) play the numbers game I thought was necessary to build my business.

Once I decided that my preferred way was to offer high-end, personalized experience to clients, everything flowed and my business grew rapidly.

So know that there are different models that can really boost your income that are also tailor made for you. If you think bigger is the only way, just remember that less can actually make you more.

Myth #2: Business is better from strangers

Another myth I hear often is that you have to work with strangers to make good money. You have to call people, meet with people and speak to groups of people you don’t know…and depending on your personality, feel really uncomfortable in the process.

While you can and will do business with strangers, you don’t have to constantly seek them out to scale up.

One of my clients reached six figures quickly during her first year back as a lawyer (after a break) by reaching out to - and even bumping INTO - former clients who wanted her help.

Another booked more than $11K in a week from existing clients she wasn’t even noticing because her focus was only on new prospects.

A third was so relieved she could stop making cold calls and instead have “coffee dates” with friends and acquaintances, her income rose by 30%.

While your growth won’t only come from those you know, your inner circle is often your best asset…and money from strangers isn’t worth more than money from those in your sphere.

Myth #3: Your success is all on you

Similar to the one above, this myth is that you (and you alone) have to create your success.

Beyond the fact that spirit is always working for you and with you, it’s easy to feel pressure - even if you’re part of a team - to make everything happen on your own.

I regularly support my friends, colleagues and clients by sharing their work and making connections to help them professionally. I’ve also been fortunate to get referrals, opportunities and exposure from others and it’s had a huge impact on my growth.

I even teach clients how to ask for help authentically by discussing the language and tone to use in their outreach and to create referral incentives and partnerships if they want to increase their income collaboratively.

Once we find the right method and work through any discomfort they have, my clients soon realize that success does not have to be a solo endeavor. So if you want and need help, know that it’s out there…and remember that it’s right here too :).

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