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The Top 3 Things That Are Driving Your Success

No matter what success means to you or what “level” you’re at professionally, coasting along without taking stock of what you want, how you’re doing things and how happy you are can keep you in the same place…sometimes forever.

There are a few core principles that impact every woman, every business and every career – the stuff that shapes your success path and determines where you and your work really go.

When you neglect them, your growth gets stagnant or just stays really, really slow. Plus you get antsy and frustrated because you want more and you know things can be better.

When you’re strong in all of these areas, your success literally takes OFF. When you’re not strong in any or all of them, you stay spinning and wondering why your work just isn’t working.

Here are the 3 most important elements of your success.

Staying connected to your vision

Women tend to have so much going on that it’s easy to stay in maintenance mode.

Managing everything and everyone. Putting out fires. Making sure our work, our lives and our families stay afloat.

These are all really important - but often at the expense of taking a moment to lift our heads, look up and look ahead.

Your vision will wait for you but you have to nurture it – and you don’t have to go on a silent retreat for days to connect.

Just a few minutes of attention (on even a semi-regular basis) to where your career and life are headed can get you on the right track.

Just be sure not to focus on the “half-assed” version of your vision, as I call it, and minimize your dreams to barely an adjustment. This will keep you at status quo for too long and not even give you the chance to strategize how you could bring what you really want to life.

Making a plan and taking action

Some people are GREAT at visioning – fantasizing, making vision boards and literally SEEing their dreams come to life. They’ve got a clear picture of what their future looks like and they can tell you every gorgeous detail.

Those same people often struggle with structure, action and getting stuff done. Ideas stay as ideas for weeks, months and even years.

There are also those who start but have trouble finishing.

You make your plan! You get motivated! You take massive action!

And then somehow, around 90% completion, life gets in the way and you stop. And your plan SITS.

Between where we are now and where we want to be, there’s a nice chunk of strategy, steps, detail and challenge.

One of those challenges is that as we start making our vision happen, we get nervous. Planning, implementation and action don’t just take smarts, they take courage.

Breaking your goal down, getting support and BREATHing through each and every step – until you’ve reached full completion – are what make your dreams come true and your success an actual reality.

Getting your head on straight

Want to know the real driver of your success? You guessed it, MINDSET.

Those conscious, semi-conscious and unconscious beliefs that steer your path whether you’re paying attention to them or not.

Many experts want you to believe that unless you’re 100% clear when it comes to your mindset, you’ll never have what you want. I think that’s a bunch of crap.

Same as I feel about people that say you success is only based on what you DO. That’s crap too.

I’ve spent years doing informal research on myself, my clients and the women who surround me. What I can tell you is that if two people have the exact same plan, the one with more belief (both in the plan and in themselves) will get better results. Sometimes results that seem like magic.

If you have doubt, fear, worry or skepticism, it’s okay, you’re not lost when it comes to success. But any way that you can UP your confidence or get behind your own strategy will yield much better outcomes.

You never have to (nor should you) be “perfect” to create a winning combination for your biz/career success. Just focus on what you need most - while you keep doing your thing in the other areas - and you’re golden :).

Want my help with your Vision, Plan & Mindset?

My short-term Success Makeover will give you clarity on where your biz/career is headed, a strategy to help you grow and the mindset you need to make it happen. Take a peek at the details and sign up for your free chat with me to discuss it HERE.

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