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5 Ways To Survive & Thrive Professionally During A Pandemic

“Success without exhaustion for women” is both my tagline and my mission.

For 15 years, I’ve dedicated my coaching business and what I know is my life’s work to helping women be successful professionally and happy personally.

While I’m all about “easy”, the truth is this tricky balance has never really been easy for women…and it’s gotten even harder during this global crisis.

Women are dealing with more now than ever before trying to manage and learn and work and live and parent and basically be everything to everyone, all at the same time…and it’s EXHAUSTING.

The good news is that, slowly but surely, many women are figuring it out. They’re adjusting and adapting personally and professionally - and some are actually doing really well.

So if you’re feeling crushed by trying to manage everything and still be “successful” during this insane time, here are 5 strategies that I hope will help.

Revise your schedule

One of the biggest challenges my clients are facing now is that there’s just not enough time to focus on what matters.

Whether you’re a working parent home schooling your kids, you’re working from home while living with your spouse, partner or family or you’re working on your own with little connection or support, it’s a big challenge to use your time effectively.

Revising your schedule means mapping out the BEST schedule for your work and life now so you have some structure and space to take care of what’s most important.

They key is to spend a few minutes - every day or every week - planning WHEN you’ll work, WHAT projects to prioritize & HOW you’ll fit in self-care so you don’t burn out.

Do better at less

Since there’s so much extra to attend to now, really narrowing your focus and spending time and energy in your “zone of genius” can help you feel accomplished and actually get results.

That could look like choosing your top 3 business growth strategies (and dropping the rest), delegating more in your job or business or negotiating with your boss to define your role so your responsibilities match your strengths and what’s best for the company.

Even if you can’t make major changes now, getting clear on what you’re good at, what works best for you and what you actually enjoy can help you make important adjustments later.

Shift how you operate

For almost everyone, this crisis has made it impossible to keep doing “business as usual”. Shifting how you operate means adapting to this new environment so you can be successful now and into the future.

I’ve been helping my own clients make the switch to a virtual model for years and now I’m coaching many more on virtual service delivery, online networking, marketing and social media and managing remote work and teams from home.

I’ve got clients selling new products and programs successfully that address their clients and customers biggest challenges. I’ve got others spearheading projects at work to support internal operations and positioning their company as a solution to current problems in the marketplace.

In order to survive and thrive professionally, it’s important to adjust what you offer, how you operate or how you contribute in the workplace so that it supports what’s needed most now.

Remember your value

This pandemic has created fear, panic and a real survival mentality about money – and if you’re in financial crisis that makes complete sense.

But know that business is still being done, people are still spending and making money (in some cases a LOT) and companies are still hiring…even though the landscape is drastically different.

Remembering your value means knowing that you have skills and talent - so don’t assume that people won’t pay you, won’t hire you, won’t work with you or won’t invest in you without asking.

While you need to be smart about how you approach sales and negotiations now, being prepared and speaking with confidence about what you have to offer matters more than ever.

Connect with your vision

Visioning is an integral part of my coaching process because it WORKS. It’s literally how I created my own business and have made every major move in my life.

While it may not feel “appropriate” to dream right now, visioning can be a respite from your current challenges, a way to feel good about your future and a literal tool to transform your work and life “post-pandemic” - especially if you’re looking to pivot and do something brand new.

What happens when you vision is you set the stage for what REALLY want…and with planning and action and some help from the Universe, people, ideas and support show up.

If you can carve out a few minutes to write, work on a vision board or talk to someone about what you want next, you’ll start the process of creating something better for yourself and your work right now.

Want my help with your business or career?

If you’re looking to pivot into a new career or shift your current job or business so you can stop surviving and start thriving, I’m here to help. Sign up for a Free Meet & Greet Coaching Consultation and we’ll discuss how you can uplevel your work and life now.

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