Why You're Afraid of Your Desire & What To Do About It

Courtney Parks Creating Powerful Change

No matter how long I’ve been coaching, I’m still honored that women let me into their lives and open up to share their desires and fears.

Lately, I’m seeing a surge of energy for women who want to make an impact professionally, take a stand for themselves and shake things up by changing the rules both at work and at home.

So many of you are ready to break the mold and do something different – whether it’s letting go of a job that doesn’t fit you any longer or upping the excitement, authenticity and success in whatever you’re doing now.

With this desire for more there’s usually some fear…because untapped power can be pretty frightening.

Even change for the better can make us nervous, simply because we’ve never experienced the level of success or happiness we’re really after.

So if you’re feeling the fire and looking to make some major change, here are 3 steps to making it through to the other side.

Claim your desire

While many women I coach come to me to explore what they really want, most women already know.

Their desire is palpable and often, with just a few questions, they connect with and reveal what’s in their heart.

Your desire is that thing that feels too big or too decadent or too crazy.

Your desire is the idea you protect or share with only a select few.

Your desire is that activity that thrills you but could never actually be your J.O.B.

Your desire is that version of your current gig that feels just beyond your reach.

To really claim your desire and activate the process of change, you have to be willing to let your desire come to life. You have to acknowledge, speak, strategize and take action on that idea that’s simmered inside for years.

You can take baby steps if you want, but you must make a move – and act as if making your desire come to life is your sole priority.

This doesn’t mean you ignore everything else, but that feeling that’s in your heart needs to take precedence now.

Let it be scary

Our upper limits around success, happiness, money, career and any major change are protected by fear for a reason.

We get scared not because working and living the way we want is wrong, but because it’s NEW - and we tend to be wary of anything we’re not familiar with.

If your desire scares you or you notice yourself holding back, that’s completely normal.

Fear is great at being protective and it suppresses desire, dreams, goals and good intentions by getting in your head and keeping you in place so it knows you’ll be SAFE.

The good news is that fear doesn’t show up to stay, it shows up to leave. That’s why it keeps showing up, so you have the chance to learn how to work with and release it.

When you don’t let fear run the show and sabotage your dreams, it can actually serve you by balancing your desire with thoughtfulness and shedding light on problems or blind spots so you can address them.

Get comfortable with more

Years ago someone asked me what the biggest challenge was for women when it came to “success without exhaustion” - my response was "letting ourselves have more without doing more for it".

This is a BIG mindset shift for women and it’s where I spend a lot of my time as a coach.

Your job is to get comfortable with things being really good.

Like making more money while you actually enjoy yourself.

Like being so in your zone of genius that work stops feeling like "work".

Like being a true leader who inspires and calls the shots.

Like being the happiest working mom on your block.

Being at your greatest level of success and happiness is meant to feel normal for you. You’re naturally designed to expand into a happier, more authentic version of yourself – that’s why your desire exists!!

So when you choose to accept your desire and you make it to the other side of your fear, you can breathe a sigh of relief...because you’ll literally feel like yourself again. And this is like giving yourself a little slice of heaven :).

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