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Why You're Afraid of Your Desire & What To Do About It

Courtney Parks Creating Powerful Change

For as long as I’ve been coaching, I’ve felt honored that women let me into their work and lives and share with me their deepest feelings.

With so much upheaval in our world, many women have felt a huge surge of energy that’s driven them to take a stand for themselves and shake things up by changing the rules both at work and at home.

While some have made big shifts already, you might just now be feeling like you want to break the mold and do something different - whether it’s letting go of a job that’s not right for you, upping the joy, meaning or success in what you’re doing now or changing your lifestyle so it finally fits.

With your desire for more, there’s usually some fear as well…because untapped potential can be daunting. Even change for the better can make us anxious, simply because we’ve never experienced the level of success or happiness we imagine.

So if you’re feeling ready to create some major (or even minor) change, here are three ideas that will help.

Claim your desire

While many clients I coach come to me to explore what they really want, most already know. Their desire is palpable and often with just a few questions, they connect with and reveal what’s in their heart.

Your desire is that thing that feels too big or too easy or too wonderful.

It’s the idea you keep secret or share with only a select few.

It’s the activity that thrills you but could never be your J.O.B.

It’s that version of your work or life that feels perfect but beyond your reach.

To claim your desire and activate the process of change, you need to let your dreams become your reality. This means acknowledging, speaking, strategizing and taking action on thoughts that may have simmered inside you for years.

You can take baby steps if you want, but you must make a move and prioritize your desire. This doesn’t mean you ignore everything else…but that feeling in your heart needs to take precedence in your life.

Let it be scary

Our upper limits around success, happiness, money, career and any major change are protected by fear for a reason.

We get scared not because working and living the way we want is wrong, but because it’s NEW…and fear’s job is to be wary of anything that’s unfamiliar.

If your desire scares you or you notice yourself holding back, that’s perfectly normal. Fear loves to protect and will suppress dreams, goals and good intentions by keeping you in place so it knows you’ll be safe.

But fear doesn’t show up to stay, it shows up to leave…and each time it shows, you have the chance to learn how to work with and release it.

When you don’t allow fear to sabotage your dreams, it can help you move forward by shedding light on problems and showing you where you need support.

Get comfortable with more

Years ago, someone asked me about the biggest challenge for women when it came to “success without exhaustion” and I said “letting ourselves have more without doing more”. This is a major mindset shift for most women and it’s where I spend much of my time as a coach.

It’s actually a process to get comfortable with things being really good…like making more money while having more fun, becoming a leader who’s both loved and respected, working in your zone of genius so work isn’t hard or being the happiest biz/career mom on your block.

Your greatest level of success and happiness is meant to feel NORMAL for you. You’re naturally designed to thrive and feel good…that’s why your desire exists!!

When you choose to embrace your dreams and work through your fears, you can breathe a sigh of relief because you’ll literally feel like YOU…which is like giving yourself a little slice of heaven on earth :).

Let me help you navigate your professional and personal growth process

While I call myself a Business & Career Coach, what I really do is help women make their work and life so good it takes their breath away. Coaching with me is personal, powerful, strategic and spiritual...and it will transform your business, career and life in the BEST ways you can imagine. Connect with me, share your dreams and we'll see what's possible. Set up your Free Meet & Greet Coaching Consultation with me now.

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