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How To Stay In Your Comfort Zone & Still Be Successful

Comfort is seriously underrated.

Especially when we’re talking about business and career growth.

As you’ve heard me (and many others) say before, success stays stagnant when you get too comfortable.

But there are also many ways that comfort really "works".

Lately I’ve had a strong desire for change AND a strong desire for comfort. It’s a little weird to have both of these feelings at once.

But as I’ve been talking to women about the challenge of wanting more – but NOT wanting to feel uncomfortable – I remember things that are integral to my philosophy, things that I really know.

We make up that professional growth has to feel a certain way. Challenging, painful even, as we crawl our way to “the top”...and sometimes it's both of those.

But what if you decided that your success was only going to feel great?

What if you remembered that you’re actually designed for your dream and that your work can actually fit you like a glove?

What if you trusted yourself and your vision enough to know that you could have it all?

Would you be less afraid to “make the leap” or “go bigger”?

This is stuff I’m thinking about lately.

The gift of stepping INTO your comfort zone means you do work that’s natural for you – literally staying in your ‘comfort zone of genius’.

It means you figure out the easiest way to get where you want to be.

It means you say yes to what fits and feels right to you and you let go of what’s not working.

It means you cushion the fear, challenges and bumps in the road when they show by being really loving to yourself.

It means you stop buying into the constant messaging that success MUST be hard…so you can hear yourself think and allow yourself to BE successful, without all the resistance.

Think about what you equate with “success”. Consider how much you’ve absorbed from the culture about what that must be like, especially getting there. And decide that you are going to live into your destiny, whatever that looks like for you.

If you want my help with making your success so much easier, let's set up a time to chat.

I'm with you 100%.

Courtney xxoo

What's your wish for your business or career?

My coaching programs are designed to help you create and live the dream version of your professional life...and one that really works for you too. If you want your success to be so much easier in 2022, sign up for a Free Meet & Greet Coaching Consultation with me now.

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