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How To Delegate & Empower Your Team

In my 18 years as a coach, I’ve helped business owners, professionals and executives with everything from hiring their first part-time assistant to managing hundreds of employees in large corporations…and many situations in between.

When it comes to delegating, I coach clients on both the strategy or the “how to” of getting help and the mindset needed to be a great boss…because that blend is what really makes the difference.

Since my tagline is “success without exhaustion for women”, I love to help clients delegate as much as possible. The idea being that you get to work in your zone of genius while others share their skills and talents, in various forms, to support a larger vision.

While delegating sounds good, it can be tricky for women to figure out exactly what to give up and find the balance of managing and supporting staff so the work gets done and your people are happy.

Here are a few ideas that will help…

Deciding what to delegate

No matter what your industry, your model or how you run things day-to-day, delegating can help you to scale. But figuring out what you and only you should be doing - and “giving up control” to others - is often easier said than done.

One tip I share with clients, particularly when they’re hiring for the first time, is to keep a running list of tasks and activities that annoy them…things they’re not good at, that take too much time or that keep them from driving business and generating income. This then becomes a master list that they can edit, prioritize and assign over time. It can also be translated into a job description to help secure the right support from the start.

While I’ve coached many who’ve had trouble letting go of certain aspects of their work, the relief that comes once things are handled properly by others is profound. When you can focus on your role and what matters most for you, it can be a game changer both professionally and personally.

Tracking and accountability

The key to making sure work gets done is to be organized…even if you’re hiring others to help organize you.

While I’ve coached clients with dynamo assistants, business managers and COO’s who keep them on track, having help requires that you stay on top of things so those who support you have guidance and direction.

As an effective leader, it’s important to set aside time to get clear on what you want from your team and have a regular way to communicate that - both through the systems you use to share information and through the time you spend meeting with them. What I’ve found works best when it comes to productivity and accountability are regularly scheduled check-ins with your staff - so everyone is involved in the status of projects and everyone is clear on your expectations too.

Many bosses start with Monday morning check-ins (for example) but as time goes by, the consistency fades. That’s when things tend to break down and when engagement and the work itself suffers. As long as you’re not overdoing it with meeting time, your clarity and connection can help everyone involved work better.

Empowering your team members

When it comes to support, leaders are often frustrated by the speed, consistency and quality of the work. But a common challenge I hear from clients is that their support person doesn’t take initiative and constantly needs to be told what to do.

Sometimes that employee is just not the right fit in the first place - or as the business and their role evolves. But if that person is a good fit and you know they have the potential, your goal as a boss is to empower them.

Give them the chance to take ownership of projects so they have more buy-in at work. Help them see their part and their importance in the bigger company vision. Most importantly, find out what helps them operate at their best, especially when challenges arise.

Instead of getting frustrated when you know your person is great but their work isn’t working, get curious. Be open to hearing what’s really going on and ask them how they can improve.

Involving your staff in solving their own problems and helping them to rise up is the ultimate collaboration. Along with supporting morale and retention, the work experience gets better for you…and the business gets even better results.

Let me help you create success (without exhaustion) in 2023

While I call myself a Business & Career Coach, what I really do is help women make their work and life so great, they can barely believe it. Coaching with me is personal, powerful, strategic and spiritual...and it will transform your work and life in the best possible ways. Connect with me, share your vision and see what's possible by scheduling your Free Meet & Greet Coaching Consultation now.

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