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How To Get Ahead By Doing What Feels Good

How would it feel to do only what you want in your work and your life?

Never forcing yourself when you feel uncomfortable but focusing on what’s easy, inspiring and just right for you instead.

I’ve lived this way many times over the years because my intuition was so clear that forcing was cutting off my ability to experience true happiness and success. My vision doesn’t revolve around obligation, it’s much more about freedom and choice.

When I work with clients on doing what they want instead of forcing what they don’t, everything changes. Decisions are easier, motivation increases and they start getting real results - like new jobs, ideal clients, bursts of income and opportunities they love.

They also get a huge sense of relief that translates to all areas because the way they’re working and living actually fits them.

If this sounds intriguing, here are three things that can help you do that too.

Let go and create some space

When you stop spending time on things that drain you, it’s an important lesson in self-care. Your system gets some much needed rest and soon you have energy for activities that match your desires.

The drains can include positions, projects, places and even people that are too much or not enough for you - leaving you overwhelmed, uncomfortable or feeling like you’re wasting time.

While your reactions to things that no longer fit might have you worried that something’s wrong with you, they really show up so you can adjust and usher in something better. You don’t have to let go of everything, of course…but releasing the negative to make room for the good stuff will literally transform your life.

Pay attention to your body

It’s actually pretty simple to make decisions on what’s a yes or a no when you tune into your body. Basically, if it feels good, you’re on the right track.

When I’m upleveling, my body gives me strong signals - like an upset stomach or a fuzzy head - so it’s hard for me to do things that don’t fit. As my body learns to trust that I’ll choose what’s best or simply wait until I’m ready, my symptoms subside and everything get easier.

While it’s important to track how you feel and make sure there are no related health issues, your body can be a powerful ally by guiding you to what works and what you need most.

Find your fit and get results

On a professional level, forcing things that don’t fit can really stunt your growth.

While you can make modest gains, big shifts occur when you’re fully behind what you’re doing - so if something in your job or business doesn’t suit you, that translates.

The good news is if you adjust certain activities so they (and you) feel better, your outcomes will be better too. Like when my client literally dreaded her own seminars that she held in a boring conference room and started hosting them in a lovely restaurant, she doubled her business in the end.

So do yourself a favor and focus your time and energy on what you love most in your work and life…and just watch what happens to your success.

Do you want my help making your work and life really fit you?

My coaching programs are designed to help you create and live the dream version of your professional life...and one that really works for you too. If you want your success to be so much easier, sign up for a Free Meet & Greet Coaching Consultation with me now.

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