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How To Be A Good Boss Without Being Bossy

It can be a tricky balance for women to be both effective and respected as bosses.

All too often, I hear clients and colleagues frustrated with what is (or what’s not) being done by those who support them - or struggling to be in charge without seeming “too weak” or “too strong”.

If you have people that work for you, you know how crucial it is to make the most of those relationships. So here are three things that will help you be more than a boss but a true leader too.

Schedule time to check in

This may seem obvious but the easiest way to get the best from your team is to communicate regularly…and sadly, so many bosses don’t do this.

While they require time and structure, regularly scheduled check-ins about current and future projects will help you and your supporters stay on the same page. It can also boost morale by making those who work with you feel more connected, involved and valued.

Just like coaching, consistent opportunities for discussion, goal setting and accountability strengthens relationships and improves the work itself. So please don’t skip this step, even if your check-ins are brief.

Be clear about specifics

When you have check-in time or other meetings scheduled, it’s important to outline what you want to share and map out exactly how your team can help.

I recommend making a project or discussion list before every meeting and prioritizing the details in order of importance. That way you know - and your team knows - what to do and what matters most.

This takes additional time but being thoughtful, organized and clear about your expectations creates a smooth workflow and always leads to better outcomes.

Ask what your team needs to thrive

We often make assumptions about what motivates and works for others, especially if things aren’t happening the way we expect.

Instead of getting upset when things go wrong, get CURIOUS.

Keep an open mind. Ask your team what will help them to get great results. Enlist them in the process of finding solutions as opposed to trying to figure things out on your own.

While you always have the final say, working together on challenges gives your team the chance to take real ownership of their work - and it gives you the chance to truly join with them as a leader.

Remember, it’s called a team for a reason.

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