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How To Use Intuition To Create Professional Success

What does intuition have to do with professional success?


Especially for women…and especially now.

While I’ve always relied on my intuition to guide my business and my life (and taught my clients to do the same), I realize that not one successful woman I know has gotten to the top without trusting her inner voice.

I also realize that I’ve never once regretted going with my gut - no matter how big or scary the decision seemed to be - or how big and scary things felt in the world (like now).

The truth is that using intuition to support your business and career growth is a SKILL that you can master, like any other. It’s actually quite simple…you just need the right questions and tools to help you look inside.

Plus, the results and positive change that happens when you blend the power of intuition with thoughtful planning and action will literally blow you away.

So for the first time, I’m offering Intuitive Success Sessions - two private coaching sessions where we’ll use the power of intuition to design your professional and personal plan for the year - and I’m gifting you $300 off when you purchase in the next two weeks.

During your sessions we’ll…

  • Discuss your vision for this year (or create that vision if you’re not sure yet)

  • Connect with your inner voice to be sure your direction matches your intention

  • Create a plan to take action on your goals and support them with accountability

You’ll also get TWO bonuses to support your progress including an Intuitive Audio Message created just for you and a PDF mini guide called Keep Your Passion Alive & Get Stuff Done.

I’d love to support you in making 2022 SO much better professionally and personally - so get the details, watch the video I made for you and find out all the ways my Intuitive Success Sessions can help.

Just remember, this special ends soon…so don’t miss it!

Lots of warmth,


P.S. If you’re not part of the Courtney Parks Coaching Community, we'd love to have you! When you join, you’ll get my free Work Smarter Not Harder Success Guide, monthly articles and tips on how to love your work and create success the easy way plus updates on classes, workshops and special coaching offers (like the one above)...join us.

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