How To Stop Asking For Opinions & Start Making Your Own Decisions

A couple years ago, I was flipping through O Magazine and came across a comment from a reader that made me think.

The question: "What’s the one thing you would invent if you could?"

One reader’s answer: "A ‘decision-making’ machine. You input your life dilemmas, and just like that, the right decision is displayed on a screen. This invention would save me so much time and torment."

I love this because it would help me, my clients and every woman who struggles when it comes to knowing the “right” thing to do.

I love it too because it would combat the indecision that can keep us at a standstill, keep us from being effective day-to-day and keep us from having the energy and enthusiasm we deserve.

So while there’s no decision-making machine YET, here are 3 tips to being more decisive.

Keep things in perspective

Sometimes, without even knowing it, we let little stuff become much too big.

Whether we’re deciding if we should join a group, say yes to an opportunity or even choose what to wear to an event, we can feel like doing the right (or wrong) thing will make or break us.

When this happens, remind yourself that the details are much less important than the big picture. One decision cannot - and will not - get in the way of you reaching your vision as a whole.

Keep research in check

When working on bigger things like changing careers, starting businesses or relocating, the decisions we make require guts, perspective AND information...just not too much of it.

Research is important when it comes to solid choices about your future. But it’s easy to get lost in the details, let those details decide FOR you and let yourself get dragged down by them.

Moving forward with enough information, strategy and planning is far better than weeks, months or years of assessment and analysis.

Getting into action creates momentum and you will always be adjusting as you go. So be sure to temper what you learn with taking actual steps toward your goal.

Keep your own counsel

Asking for advice from those you trust can be really helpful when you’re stuck. But asking too many people what they think can wreak havoc on your inner guidance system.

While we’re not designed to live and work in a vacuum, others’ opinions can make it harder to connect with your own intuition, that powerful part of you that simply knows.

When you do seek advice, pay close attention to how that advice feels. If it feels good, you’re golden, if not, be wary.

Your intuition will help you make decisions faster and easier - and the good news is you’ll always be acting from the wisest part of you.

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