How To Own Your Expertise & Be A Rock Star At Work

Do you think you’re an expert?

Lots of women I know have trouble saying they’re an expert in their field or industry or that they’re the BEST at whatever they do.

I suppose that’s because we’ve been conditioned not to brag or get too full of ourselves for fear of turning people off, creating competition or just rubbing up against whatever ridiculous ideas society has about women and how we should behave.

Problem is, when it comes to business, holding back on what you’re great at keeps you from getting hired, getting promoted and getting opportunities…all stuff that makes you money!!

And, honestly, even if it doesn’t make you money, I’d just love for you to be really really OK with the fact that you have some major gifts.

So how do you OWN that you’re a rock star at what you do? Here are three things that will help.

Pay attention to what’s easy for you

I remind clients all the time that what’s easy for them is NOT easy for others.

Whether you’re impeccable at organizing, a whiz with data or great at running groups, most people have NO idea how to do what you do…and certainly couldn’t get paid for it…and probably would pay you to do it for them.

So yes, even if you’re doing what you consider to be a decent job at your chosen profession or business, you’re probably an expert.

And if something is natural for you and you don’t really have to try at it, you’re an expert too.

Plus, if you’re good at something AND you have other talents (or expertise) that support it and set you apart (which I know you do), you’re even more valuable in your expert status.

Decide that you’re an expert

This is where you actually get to control how people see you. It’s also where many women start to get uncomfortable.

Years ago, I worked with an incredible mentor. She began her career as a copywriter and eventually branched out on her own and started sending email newsletters - like the one you’re reading now but, back in the day, they were not so common. She soon dubbed herself the “Ezine Queen” and sold products teaching people how to monetize them.

What I LOVE is that she decided that she was an ezine expert. No one told her she was and she didn’t even have that much experience with ezines before she dubbed herself the queen. She just did it and became it.

So while you don’t have to be the queen of anything, please know that you are - and even if you’re not sure you can live up to it, YOU get to claim your expertise in whatever way feels right.

Show up and put yourself out there

OK this is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to letting yourself shine.

I want you to be known for something.

Even if you’re not known for something, I want you to feel good about what you have to offer.

And I want the world (or someone else) to be aware of it.

Putting yourself out there means moving beyond what you do to be a leader in your business, your organization and your industry. It means networking and speaking and writing and sharing and getting heard and getting seen and being sought after for ALL of your brilliance.

This doesn't mean that you have to be “famous” and it doesn’t even mean you have to be in the spotlight.

It just means showing up and sharing the BEST of you…that contribution that only you can offer that makes people want to work with you, hire you and hear what you have to say.

If you’re in the spotlight already, it means that you UP your game to whatever your vision is calling you toward so that the right people and the right platforms have access to your amazing gifts.

While it can be scary, remember that people need you, need what you have to offer and need your unique way of offering it.

Trust me, I’m an expert ;).

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