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3 Steps To Positioning Yourself As An Expert

Do you think you’re an expert?

Many women I know have trouble saying they’re an expert in their field or that they’re the BEST at whatever they do.

I suppose that’s because we’ve been conditioned not to “brag” for fear of turning people off, creating competition or rubbing up against whatever ridiculous ideas society has about women and how we should behave.

The problem is that when it comes to business, holding back on what you’re great at keeps you from getting hired, getting promoted and getting opportunities…all things that make you money!!

And, honestly, even if it doesn’t make you money, I’d just love for you to be really comfortable with the fact that you have some major gifts.

So how do you OWN that you’re an expert and translate that to success? Here are 3 steps to help.

Pay attention to what’s easy for you

I remind clients all the time that what’s easy for them is NOT easy for others.

Whether you’re impeccable at organizing, a whiz with data or great at running groups, most people have NO idea how to do what you do…and certainly couldn’t get paid for it…and probably would pay you to do it for them.

So yes, even if you’re doing what you consider to be a decent job at your chosen profession or business, you’re probably an expert.

And if something is natural for you and you don’t really have to try at it, you’re an expert too.

Plus, if you’re good at something AND you have other talents (or expertise) that support it and set you apart (which I know you do), your expertise is even MORE valuable.

List your talent and skills

Lately, I’ve helped several clients get crystal clear about what they have to offer so they can make a career change, get a job promotion or build their business.

Whether we’re revising their resume, prepping for a negotiation, improving their marketing message or even raising their prices, it all starts with detailing what they can do and how their skills and talents get results.

I actually did this exercise myself recently while creating a survey for my Facebook group Success Goddess. The survey asked members which topics I teach interested them the most – and I came up with 25, even though I could have added more!

Examples from my “expertise” list include leadership and team management, negotiation and income growth, best practices for remote work, online marketing techniques, social media (without exhaustion), client/customer enrollment, networking and presenting virtually, scheduling and structuring time, staying motivated and managing fear, spirit and law of attraction and more.

Writing out - or keeping a running list of as you work – of the topics, skills, responsibilities, strengths and achievements along with the specific impact that has on your organization, clients/customers or overall business/career growth is critical to backing up your expert status.

Show up and put yourself out there

This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to letting yourself SHINE.

I want you to be known for something.

Even if you’re part of a team, I want you to feel good about the important role you play on it.

And I want the world (or more people at least) to be aware of it.

Putting yourself out there means moving beyond “what you do” to being a leader in your business, your organization and your industry. It means networking and speaking and writing and sharing and getting heard and getting seen and being sought after for ALL of your brilliance – and having that reflected in your income.

You don’t have to be “famous” and you don’t necessarily have to be in the spotlight.

But you do need to share your BEST professionally…that contribution that you alone can offer that makes people want to work with you, hire you and hear what you have to say.

If you’re in the spotlight already, it’s time to UP your game to match what your vision is calling you toward so that the right people and the right platforms have access to your amazing gifts.

As we face economic challenge and a competitive marketplace, it’s up to you to claim your expertise and let others know about it - not for them to “discover” you.

People need you, they need what you have to offer and they need your unique way of offering it.

Trust me, I’m an expert ;).

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