How To Put Yourself First At Work

One of my biggest jobs as a coach is to help clients figure out what's not working in their business or career so they can be more successful and happy.

I'm constantly questioning anything that makes work more difficult - because I can't stand systems or habits that don't make sense and don't support a woman's ability to thrive.

I get some resistance from clients when I question, hearing things like "no one does it that way", "that’s not the industry standard" or "my clients/team/boss will never stand for that".

And while I don’t battle, I’m very clear that following the crowd out of fear of what could happen can stunt your career growth and hurt your well-being.

So here are 3 things to help make your work fit YOU first.

Work where it makes sense

I’ve always worked from home as I run a virtual business and have never wanted or needed the overhead of regular office space.

When I first moved to L.A. and started working with clients locally, I was happy because I really love meeting in person. But it also became time consuming and harder to balance with the rest of my schedule.

So I started doing meetings in one spot exclusively - a gorgeous hotel lobby overlooking the beach - and offered clients the chance to do one "live" session per month with alternate sessions held virtually.

If a hotel lobby doesn’t work for you, you can use a nice co-working space (I now belong to one with a very flexible membership), a lovely coffee shop or a meeting room that suits your needs.

No matter what, adapting your environment so it works for you first will make you happier and more effective on the job.

Work when it makes sense

Taking control of your schedule is so important when it comes to managing overwhelm and being your professional best.

Everyone is different when it comes to their ideal schedule and, depending on your situation, you may have more or less control over your time.

But having coached thousands of high-level, busy women - many who’ve felt like slaves to their schedules - I can tell you that everyone can tweak their time for the better.

Whether it’s setting clear office hours, actually using your vacation time or blocking days for specific activities, working with your calendar can be life changing. I’ve helped clients negotiate four day work weeks, hybrid telecommuting schedules, flexible hours and more.

For me, it’s no nights, weekends or Wednesdays…unless I feel like it of course ;).

Work virtually when you can

When I was first introduced to the concept of virtual coaching, I like the idea but thought I’d never do it myself.

Coming from a therapy background, I assumed I wouldn’t connect with clients or pick up on their energy if we weren’t in the same space. The truth is, I was wrong.

Not only do I love coaching virtually but I’ve created deep relationships with clients I’ve never even met. Sometimes I’m even more intuitive because I’m less distracted and paying extra attention inside.

Working virtually cuts down on commute time, expands your market and gives you the chance to operate from anywhere. Years ago, I moved my entire business from Chicago to Los Angeles without losing one client or one penny of income - amazing!

I've helped financial planners, fitness pros, designers and more transition some or all of their business to a virtual model to open up their market and consolidate their time. One of my former clients actually had to work from home due to an injury - and since she did more and made more for her company, she switched to a blended workweek from that point on.

Just remember that you are the core of your success and whatever will help make how, when and where you work FIT, the easier it will be to excel and grow. Give it a try and see.

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