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Sacred Time: Stop Multitasking & Get Things Done

In almost 18 years of working with women to create success the easy way, one of the biggest challenges I hear is there’s just not enough time in the day.

So often, client tell me they can’t get things done due to interruptions, work or family issues, ongoing emergencies (COVID-related and not) or simply having too many balls in the air.

As women, we often brag about our ability to multitask.

Unfortunately, we’ve gotten used to doing so many things at once that our so-called superpower can backfire and we get less done and feel more frazzled every…single…day.

My favorite solution to this problem is what I call Sacred Time. Sacred Time is a way to create structure and boundaries so the things you want and need to get done in your work and life happen more easily. Project work, planning time, money-making activities, personal self-care, connection with family…and of course, everything else ;).

Here’s a quick primer on how to create and honor Sacred Time for yourself:

  • Sacred Time is the opposite of multitasking where you intentionally do ONE thing so you can be present and productive

  • Keeping time “sacred” means you minimize distractions - no phone, no email, no social media - as if you’re in an important meeting and can’t be interrupted (your phone can be on vibrate for emergencies, if needed)

  • The length of time you choose is up to you - from 15 minutes to an hour to an entire day (with breaks, of course)

  • I recommend spending at least an hour of Sacred Time on a particular task or activity - two hours is great (depending on what you’re doing) but one is often enough to make good progress before taking a break or shifting gears

  • Setting a timer can help - when the clock is ticking and your project time is contained, you’ll work faster and stay more focused

  • If you don’t finish during the time you’ve allotted, just schedule another block of time as soon as possible

  • While you can fit Sacred Time in on the fly, it’s best to put it on your calendar - you’re more likely to follow through if the time is planned and it fits into your day or week

  • You can reserve Sacred Time for multiple tasks/projects/experiences - just be sure to block each batch of time in a way that makes sense for you and for your schedule

  • Most importantly, if your Sacred Time doesn’t work in the way you imagined or it needs to be postponed, don’t beat yourself up - just figure out the next time and try again

Open up your calendar now and schedule some Sacred Time this week (or every week) so you can take care of what matters most in your work and life without feeling so stressed.

Not only will you accomplish more and get better results, but you’ll feel more relaxed and learn to trust yourself too.

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