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Getting Comfortable With Self-Promotion

Everyone knows it’s important to promote yourself to grow your business and career.

Whether it’s networking, speaking, marketing, livestreaming or posting on social media, sharing what you do across multiple platforms gets you KNOWN so people can buy from you, endorse you, follow you and hire you. Putting yourself in the spotlight - from speaking up at a meeting to showing up on stage - is key to creating more success.

The problem is, for many women, getting out there can feel pretty uncomfortable - like you’re bragging or full of yourself or salesy or fake - and you’d rather have your work “stand for itself” than have to stand up FOR it.

So here’s the thing…it’s OK to say you’re awesome! It’s OK to share all your skill and strength and genius with the world!! In fact, it’s IMPORTANT to share it.

Otherwise, you’ll stay stuck, frustrated, undervalued and underpaid for the precious gifts that only you can offer.

It is possible to promote yourself confidently, authentically, powerfully and graciously…and, I promise, people will still like you ;).

So here are three tips to help.

Make a move

Most women I coach are already aware of how they can get known in bigger and better ways. What happens is our inner voice puts the brakes on and tells us to keep quiet.

If you haven’t thought much about your visibility and you want to, simply ask yourself “what’s one thing I can do to raise my profile in my business or at work?”

Then listen for the answer (or do some brainstorming), make a decision and take action on your first step as soon as possible. Whether it’s reaching out to get booked as a speaker or meeting with your boss about your future, figure out that one thing and follow through right away….so your inner voice doesn’t talk you out of it.

Connect with your WHY

One way to help yourself move through any resistance you might have to being seen is to get crystal clear about your motivation.

Why does promoting yourself even matter to you? Do you want more money? Do you want more impact? Do you want a better life for yourself or your family?

Many women I speak to want to go bigger professionally so they can be role models for their daughters, which I love. Never judge what’s behind your desire but check in to see what’s driving you to get out there - and remember that reason when you’re hesitant to make a move.

Depersonalize it

While it’s important to know why promoting yourself matters, it also helps to remember that it’s not all about you.

If your work supports something you believe in - which I truly hope it does - getting out of your own head and thinking about those you’re serving makes it much easier to share.

When I’m feeling uneasy about “exposure”, I remind myself that promoting my business is not about me showing OFF but about me showing UP - for all the women that are (for so many reasons) exhausted by their success.

While I don’t believe that service is an obligation, I know if you want more reach and you dim your own light, you minimize your ability to touch the world with your work.

Big stuff, I know…so bottom line, get out there.

Let’s talk about what’s next for you

If you’ve been itching for change, you’re ready to move UP or you want the freedom to work and live on your own terms, I’d love to speak to you about private coaching. During our free chat, we’ll talk about your work, your dreams and your challenges…and we’ll decide together if coaching is right for you. No pressure or obligation, just a conversation about making your business, career and life SO much better. Schedule your Free Meet & Greet Coaching Consultation so I can help you create more success with less stress now.

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