Passion vs. Reason: How To Be Smart AND Follow Your Heart

It’s funny when certain “themes” show up with my coaching clients and almost every woman I speak to is experiencing a different version of the same thing.

Lately, one of those themes is passion vs. reason.

It’s a battle between…

  • doing what inspires you vs. doing what makes sense

  • making decisions with your heart vs. your head

  • pursuing your passion vs. working to “pay the bills”

  • taking a risk vs. playing it safe

We get scared that if we do something new, our career or our income will go down the tubes. We worry that if we give up our “paycheck”, we won’t be able to feed ourselves. We question taking that step we intuitively know will “pay off” will be a waste of time and we’ll regret it later.

We cling to our “reasonable” nature like glue…so we can always know that we’re being smart, even if we’re miserable.

If you find yourself fighting the passion vs. reason battle too, here are 3 things to consider.

The challenge of being “smart”

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to be said for being smart! I never recommend taking unnecessary risks – professionally, personally or financially – without thinking them through and creating a plan.

I don’t tell clients “just quit your job and we’ll figure out what’s next”. But I might ask “if you got fired tomorrow, what would you do?” Listening to our heads is not a bad thing.

The challenge comes when “reason” becomes the only voice and passion gets left sadly behind…time and time again. We get frustrated. We stay stuck. Our creativity, our vision, our success and our being suffers in the process.

And we forget that passion, inspiration and LOVE can all “work” when backed with intelligence and planning.

Let passion lead and strategy follow

When we use every ounce of our smart, savvy selves to support our desire to do something that might seem crazy but is exactly what we want, that’s when magic happens.

We go for that fabulous job or we start that awesome business or we move across the country because we want to live in sunshine by the beach year round (even though we’ve only spent five days in that new spot and we don’t know a soul - yes, that was my wife and me almost 10 years ago now).

We do all this not because we’re crazy, but because we’re brave and we actually know what’s best for us. If we shift our perspective and put our brains behind our passion, we can use the resources and experience and people that have gotten us where we are now to make our great ideas FLY.

Putting it all together

So what does it look like to marry passion and reason?

It’s using your network to help you get a job you adore. It’s setting aside time and money for your brilliant business concept. It’s taking classes, finding mentors and getting support so you can reach your vision more quickly and easily, without having to do everything alone.

It’s asking HOW rather than IF over and over again.

Will there still be risk? YES.

But letting your passion team up with your smarts turns your desires into projects…and gives you the best shot possible at making your dreams literally come TRUE.

Just think, if you can be successful doing what doesn’t thrill you, imagine what’s possible if you focused that energy on what you truly love?

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