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How To Use Spiritual Leverage To Get Results

Imagine your work and life running like magic.

You get what you want easily, conversations go smoothly, resources and people show up out of the blue and you always have time to relax.

This is actually how life is supposed to be.

While you may not be living it or you may just not notice it, this kind of magic is available to you at all times.

I feel blessed to experience magic often and I’ve even worked and lived in my own “heaven on earth” for weeks and months at a time. I also know the challenge and pain of “reality”.

Since I help teach others how to make wishes come true, here are some ways to make a little magic for yourself too.

Start by dreaming

Visioning can be many things but in its most basic form, it’s focusing on how you really want your work and life to be. While it can feel like fantasizing, your vision is directly connected to your intuition…the part of you that absolutely knows that what you want can be true.

One of the most common questions I ask clients is “what’s your wish?” - referring to how they want a specific conversation to go or even how they want their work and life to be as a whole. What I find is that magic - and magical results - occur when people answer from the heart and share the best scenario they can imagine.

By connecting with your desire, you’re letting yourself and the Universe know exactly how you want things to go. From that place, you can then take action that fits and be open to receiving the assistance that’s available.

Shift your beliefs

An important part of making magic is adjusting how you think.

If you think you can’t have what you want, you won’t pay attention to the ideas, the signs and the support that’s there for you.

If you think you need to struggle, reaching your goals will be a challenge and you’ll believe that struggle was what it took to get there.

If you believe you need to take ten steps to land a client (or a job or a date), you’ll miss the client who’s right in front of you at step one.

Since your true self knows that what you want is possible and that it’s not meant to be hard, believing is not such a big shift.You don’t even have to believe fully to get results; skeptics I coach manifest amazing results all the time.

So don’t make the belief part harder than it needs to be. Just do your best to adjust your thinking when it doesn't feel good and have as much faith as you can while you move forward.

Let things happen

Most of the women I coach are high achievers so they’re very comfortable doing and doing a lot.

I remind them often of the concept of “spiritual leverage” which means that connecting with what you want does much of the work of achieving it.

While there are absolutely things you’ll do, magic happens when you take inspired action then step out of the way while holding your wish. I’ve helped women get amazing job offers, double their incomes and move to their dream space by letting desire fuel the process and supporting that with actions that feel good.

So take a moment to think about all the times you’ve created magic in the past (because I know you have)…and try making your latest wish a reality the easy way.

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