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How To Stay Motivated At Work During Tough Times

It’s no secret the pandemic is weighing on everyone impacted by it in big ways and small.

While it can be tough to stay inspired at work in the best of times, the mental, emotional, health, money, family and social issues we’re dealing with now make it that much harder.

And while some of us have had major success during this time, even those who are doing well professionally are having trouble with focus, productivity and actually enjoying their work.

Here are 3 things that can help you stay motivated, in good times and bad.

Focus on inspiration

Doing work you love is an integral part of my coaching and my philosophy – if you love your work, it makes it that much easier to stay inspired.

But even for those who are blessed to work at something they adore (including me), inspiration needs to be cultivated. While the passion for work is always present, the satisfaction you feel can adjust and change, depending on circumstances and your overall mood.

The best way to stay inspired consistently is to focus your time on the parts of your work you appreciate the most. The role that feels best for you. The activities that excite you. The projects and people and tasks - even the challenges - that feed your energy, rather than depleting it.

Fill your work time as much as possible with things you actually like to do - and contain your time on (or systematize or delegate) the things you have to do, but don’t thrill you.

Balance your workday

Sometimes the cure to motivation at work is to STOP working, at least temporarily.

Many people think about balance only between work and life when, in fact, balance is something that’s necessary and important throughout your workday.

I’ve helped so many clients this year come up with ways to infuse their days with some fun and relaxation so they can REFRESH at regular intervals and be more effective in their work.

Creating a list of things to do when you’re not working - so you can take a break and shift your focus - makes a world of difference when it comes to sustaining your energy and productivity. Your list can be really simple - and when you jot ideas down in advance, you’ll have inspiration at the ready when your brain and your body are tired or stressed.

My list includes things like having lunch on my patio, taking a walk (to the beach if I have time but around the block helps too), stretching/yoga, watching or reading something funny, interesting or inspiring, connecting on social media, putting on headphones and turning the music UP.

And every time I try to convince myself that taking even a 5-minute break won’t help me feel or work better (so I should probably keep “powering through”), taking that break HELPS.

Be easy on yourself

There’s an expression I use often with clients when they’re beating up on themselves…don’t add insult to injury.

If you feel unfocused, unmotivated or uninspired, don’t make things worse by getting mad at yourself for feeling this way.

We’re all struggling to stay motivated now. Motivation can’t be forced, simply encouraged.

While things may be better or worse for you, if you’re a living, breathing being who has any connection to the challenges in our world (especially if you pick up on the energy of others), you’re probably struggling.

So know that you need to be extra conscious, extra creative and extra loving to yourself now when it comes to motivation. Trying different approaches, trying again the next day, reaching out to connect or ask for help when you need it and giving yourself as much permission as possible to simply do your best all matter.

As I said before, little things DO make a difference. And when you’re gentle with yourself in the process, your natural motivation has the chance to return.

Want some help staying motivated during your workday?

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