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What To Do When Your Success Is Stuck In Neutral

The most basic description of my work - and the foundation for everything I do as a coach - is helping women to get clear on their vision and then make that vision a reality.

For some, that means a career change. For others, it means a new business. For most, it means reshaping their work and life so they’re more successful, more effective and much happier.

Making visions a reality sounds like a tall order - and sometimes it is. While the experience is different for everyone, it’s a process with highs and lows along the way.

The hardest part of creating our best work and life is when our intentions and actions are solid…but things stay...the...same.

We're in a holding pattern - and not because we're keeping ourselves there (which happens, of course) but because things just aren't falling into place as we'd like.

We're waiting to hear back from someone.

Our research turns up nothing.

Our outreach gets zero response.

We need some RESULTS!!

While waiting can be frustrating, we always have choices. Here are some helpful things do in the meantime.

Redirect your energy

Having more than one thing "going" at a time helps us to be less attached to each piece.

When you're hooked on something happening (and happening NOW), you'll easily get annoyed.

So figure out what else you can do to achieve your goal - or find something you can accomplish that will make you feel good (literally anything) - and focus your efforts there.

If you're waiting to hear back from a potential employer, keep networking and applying. If a prospect or project is "on hold", reach out to more ideal customers or figure out your next move.

As I say to clients often "just go back to your list". And yes, having a list will help too ;).

Revisit your vision

Revisiting your vision means pulling yourself out of the minutia and reminding yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place. Imagining what it will feel like to complete your goal can help keep you motivated too.

When my clients need to reconnect with their vision, I’ll simply ask them to talk about it. With a little time and encouragement, their energy shifts. I’ll also ask them how they’d feel if they “gave up” up their dream – without fail, they become more committed.

You can talk about your vision with a friend, colleague or family member - just be sure to choose those people wisely (no naysayers allowed). If you’re on your own, simply write about your vision. Find a comfortable spot, don’t make the process harder than it needs to be (I like notes vs. elaborate vision boards) and, whatever you do, don’t censor yourself.

Accept and enjoy

Last but not least, we can choose to accept that we're stuck and actually enjoy it.

We often end up overworking when things aren't working - even when we've done all we can do.

What if our extra time is a gift and we decide to PLAY??!!

For most women, balance and fun are part of the vision; it's the permission around doing it that gets tricky.

So I’m granting you permission now to step back, take a break and have some fun when it feels like everything is stalling. Watch how that changes your mood…and don’t be surprised if it gets you results.

Want my help with your business or career?

If you’re feeling stuck and you're considering a pivot to a new career - or you want to shift how you approach your current job or business - I’m here to help. Sign up for a Free Meet & Greet Coaching Consultation and we’ll discuss how you can uplevel your work and life now.

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