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Making Change When You’re Unhappy At The Top

Most of my clients are already very successful in their business or career.

They’re smart, savvy women who have made their mark professionally by following their vision and committing to their work. Some don’t even show up on my testimonials because of their high profile or the fact that they can’t share the details of our coaching publicly.

The challenge for this type of client isn’t about “making it”. It’s that the level they’ve reached is filled with major responsibility, high expectations, tough decisions and a serious potential for burnout.

Some of these women still love what they do and others are questioning if it’s time to make a change. But they all know they’ve reached a tipping point - and need to think and act differently to keep up with their success and recapture the joy that fueled their growth.

If success is losing its shine for you too, here are three things to remember.

You can reinvent yourself easily

When you’ve risen to the top professionally, it’s actually quite easy to change.

I don’t mean that it will feel easy, because it won’t.

But you have the skills, network, resources and reputation to make powerful shifts. You’re not desperate and that’s a good thing ;).

The challenge is your lack of desperation might keep you in the same spot for too long…even when you know you’ve grown past it.

So your job is to get clear on what you really want now and make decisions about changing either what you do or how you do it.

While this alone can feel risky, know that you have the tools to navigate a better future and your experience and connections will help.

You can craft your own narrative

When my high-level clients know they’re ready for major change, they ask questions like…

“How do I position myself at this point in my career for something new?”

“How do I reinvent my work and how I operate while keeping my reputation intact?”

“How do I explain giving up so much when everyone thinks that I have it so good?”

When I ask what they’d advise someone else on the same, they usually know the answer right away.

As a successful woman, you’re probably good at framing conversations and creating narratives for others…it’s just harder to do for yourself, especially when the stakes feel high.

So while both language and positioning matter, don’t let concerns about why you’re changing keep you from your next great step.

You matter more than your work

This is a tough one for many accomplished women. When you’ve worked so hard to climb the ladder, it’s easy to get lost in your own success.

But if the position you’re in, the role you’re playing or how you’re operating is taking its toll, it’s time to put YOU first.

What makes sense professionally can inform your next chapter but that doesn’t need to determine it. Your needs, desires and what matters most take precedence now, even if you’re not used to it being that way.

So if your work no longer works for you, it’s time to reevaluate and do things differently. Success and happiness are meant to be experienced together…and if you’re not satisfied, please don’t settle for less.

Let’s discuss what’s next for you

If my article is speaking to you, I want to speak WITH you…and it won’t cost you a penny. During our chat, we’ll talk about your vision (or your desire for one), your challenges (what’s getting in the way inside and out) and how coaching can help. No big sales pitch - just a conversation and a chance to look at where your work and life are heading. Sign up for your Free Meet & Greet Coaching Consultation now.

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