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Why do most clients hire you?

My clients typically fall into three categories: those who want to make a change to a new career or business, those who are happy in their work but need to scale up and those who are very successful but can’t grow further without burning themselves out. While clients usually hire me for professional reasons, we blend in coaching on personal issues as well.


Every client I coach wants to do work they love as successfully as possible – without giving up their life or their SELF in the process. My clients are high-achieving, savvy and committed and they want their work to have impact, to support their lifestyle and to make them feel good.


Why do you focus on working with women? 

I’ve been involved with women’s empowerment since college so coaching women has always been a natural fit for me. While I love working with all types of clients, my specialty is understanding and supporting the unique challenges that so many women face in business, in the workplace, in their personal lives and in the culture at large. As a lesbian who has spent over 30 years in the LGBTQ+ community, I understand gender diversity and fluidity and coach anyone who is a good fit with me and my coaching style. 


What I've noticed is that when women, in particular, combine personal development with professional strategy, their success just takes off! Every aspect of my philosophy and programs blend both “inner” mindset and psychology with “outer” business and career growth tools…the combination is where the magic happens.

What industries do you serve?


My clients vary when it comes to business and industry. I work with coaches, consultants, financial planners, lawyers, corporate executives and women at all levels in education, non-profit, wellness, beauty, entertainment and other creative fields…just to name a few. The fact that I don’t specialize and have a breadth of experience in multiple fields gives my clients expertise and a fresh perspective that people in their industry often can’t provide.


How is coaching different than therapy?


As a former therapist, I get asked this question a lot. While coaching turned out to be a better fit for me, I have huge respect for the therapeutic model, have been a therapy client and blend much of what I learned as a therapist into my coaching.


In therapy, clients typically work on resolving past experiences that are affecting how they’re living now. When clients understand and can tolerate feelings associated with their history, healing happens and life improves.

Coaching focuses on where you are now and where you want to be with little attention to the past. It’s geared toward strategy, effectiveness, success and happiness and has built-in action and accountability.


Both methods are transformational and I often refer prospects and clients to therapists when they need that type of support in with (or in place of) coaching.


Tell me about your 5-Step Passion Success & Balance Coaching Method


I developed my coaching method through years of helping business owners and career professionals create success without exhaustion. While each woman is at a different point in her professional growth, there are common strategies that work for all – and these have become my “recipe for success”. I don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach so we tailor every aspect of the program you choose to fit your specific needs.


Vision & Passion

  • Create your vision for your ideal business and career

  • Find your passion and make it your profession

  • Use your passion for your work to fuel your success


Career & Business Growth

  • Boost your income and get clear on your worth

  • Revamp your model so you can scale and uplevel

  • Strengthen marketing, networking, negotiation and leadership skills


Organization & Effectiveness

  • Master your schedule for focus and flexibility

  • Tame your ‘to do list’ and prioritize projects

  • Create systems that run your work and life


Success & Happiness Mindset

  • Maintain motivation while implementing new strategies

  • Manage self-sabotage and fears that inhibit your growth

  • Be clear, confident and aligned as you live into your vision


Work & Life Balance

  • Create sacred time at work and at home

  • Set boundaries, say no gracefully and manage guilt

  • Practice self-care, enlist support and prioritize pleasure


How does the coaching process work?


I offer a few different coaching options, so the specifics depend on the program. Each one combines pre-program work, a Discovery Session and ongoing coaching that includes visioning, brainstorming, strategizing and education, based on the topics and goals that matter to you. You’ll have homework to keep you actively engaged with your goals plus accountability and support from me at every level. Many clients choose to continue after their initial program ends. When we’re done, we have a Completion Session to review and celebrate everything you’ve accomplished.


Whether you live in Los Angeles or not, I run a virtual business and do most of my coaching by phone or Zoom video conference. If you’re local, we meet in person for the Discovery Session (in Santa Monica) and then alternate phone and live sessions. The beauty of the virtual model is that you can coach with me from your home, office, a business trip or anywhere. As long as you have a private, quiet space, coaching can fit easily into your schedule.


More questions?


Bring them to your Free Meet & Greet or contact me and I’ll get back in touch. 

FAQ's for Courtney Parks Coaching
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