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Success stories from Courtney's clients

“Courtney's helped me create new professional opportunities and given me the strength to say 'no'. I used to spin my wheels and was always 'crazy busy' but I wasn’t moving forward. The coaching process has taught me to slow down, think about my actions and be aware that I'm constantly preparing myself for the next level. While I had raised my hourly fee before we started working together, Courtney gave me the guts to ask for much more in project fees and monthly retainers. I have more than doubled my income since we met and, depending on the project, I'm often working just half the hours. I’ve also lessened my networking and promoting! If it doesn’t make me money or have the potential to, then I am staying home with my family."

Maureen Gainer Reilly, Owner, GO Consulting, 


“No matter how long you’ve been in business, fear can keep us from making changes to our schedules, staffs, budgets and visions. When I met Courtney, I’d been doing things the way I’d learned them 30 years ago - and I couldn’t see a way to make things better beyond working even harder. Courtney helped me gain clarity around what I really want from my business and from my life outside of the office. She inspired me to take risks and raise my billing rates, hire more support, invest in better systems and use my schedule to create space for my personal well-being. Now I appreciate my business again, I’ve increased my income and I’m better than ever at taking care of my clients. I love working with Courtney and I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Ann Hutchison, JD, Attorney, Hutchison Law Firm LLC,

"I hired Courtney when I was at a crossroads about leaving my family’s business but wasn’t sure which path to follow. It seemed like an 'either-or' decision to follow my passions (health, fitness, empowering women) or use my financial skills which would provide a good paycheck. Courtney encouraged me to seek a way to combine those choices. I am now CFO of a nonprofit, whose mission includes “empowering women”. Courtney’s success is based on her many skills and her background as a therapist, which was an important factor for me compared to other coaches. She uses compassion, intuition and knowledge and, most importantly, she walks the talk, focused on work she's truly passionate about. I am so grateful for her."

Susan L Kane, CPA, MBA, CFO, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, 

“Courtney and I have connected on making sure that my business supports my passion for life and that my life supports my passion and energy for my business. My income has actually quadrupled while I’ve been working with Courtney – and I did this while working only about 2 1/2 days a week this summer – what, what?! I also have a team now...which is like a dream come true. My COO does all my tech stuff and I get to do the things I love and I'm best at, while my team uses their mad skills on everything else. Courtney has really helped by giving me permission to simply ‘do what feels good’. Now I take a more relaxed approach and I'm getting more done than ever.

Elizabeth Johnson, CHHC, Life Coach,


“Courtney helped me develop the confidence to grow my business beyond its first year and see that I needed to charge what I’m worth. In addition to offering a new service that lead to several paid clients within a month, I charged my clients twice what I was comfortable with initially because I understood that my time has that much value. I’ve improved my networking, outreach, follow-up and productivity and even hired an assistant so I can focus on my clients. When I started coaching with Courtney, I needed someone to believe in me. She thought my goals were doable, which blew my mind because I have some big goals!! She helped me trust the Universe and putting my self-care first - and now I know it’s possible to have success without burning yourself out."

Terumi Okano, PE & Founder, Boston Tech Creative,


"I’ve been working with Courtney for almost two years now and I feel so much happier and less stressed. Not only have my sales increased by 45% but I’ve nearly doubled my patient appointments and work less than half the days I used to. I’ve also upgraded my pricing, website, policies and communication with business partners and staff. Courtney does an amazing job helping me figure out what I really want and how to implement it. She doesn't tell me what to do, but coaches me through options so I can decide what’s best. As a result, I feel more confident in my work, my intuition and my ability to set boundaries. Courtney relentlessly believes in me and always creates a safe space for wherever I’m at in my process."


Dr. Joy A Bozzo, ND, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor,

“Courtney really helped me to clarify my passion and realize it’s okay to focus on a niche market which will both make me happy and allow me to create the income I want. During the transition into my own business, I actually maintained my income by working less – plus I was able to study for and pass my CFP exam! Having an outside mentor in my life who can help me with business and personal issues has been tremendous. I’m happier and healthier, both mentally and physically. I love Courtney’s teachings about intuition and the universe and how positive energy will help me get what I want in life. I'm no longer focused solely on material success, but also on living a life filled with excitement while helping those around me.”


Brittney Castro, CFP, AAMS, CRPC, Certified Financial Planner,

"Since starting my coaching with Courtney, I'm much more confident professionally and have accepted a new position using my skills at a much higher level. I've also gone back to school and am proud to say I have completed my M.A. in Human Service. In working on projects that focus on collaboration, skill and capacity building, I’ve had the opportunity to utilize what I’ve learned both at work and at school. Before coaching with Courtney, I did the minimum and expected great results. Now, feeling good about what I do is predicated on doing the best for the communities I work with and ultimately for myself. On the personal side of things, I've gotten married, purchased a new home and focus more on my family and my own self-care."


Dolores Weems Jr., Program Director, UIC School of Public Health,

"When I started working with Courtney, I wanted to scale my consulting business and I knew I was the biggest obstacle to making that happen. Courtney helped me to 'get out of my own way' and move forward through her consistent care and keeping me accountable. The minute I hired her, I had a 5 figure month and I am on pace to increase my annual income by at least 25%. I also landed a large client contract that’s put me in a position to add 2 team members to my company. Best of all, I now have a schedule where I'm working less AND I don't feel guilty about it! I appreciate Courtney's ability to understand and 'talk' business and also spend plenty of time working on feelings and mindset. It’s a blended approach that worked wonders for me."


Jessica Maes, Marketing Consultant, Maes Consulting Group,


“Courtney is a kind, caring soul with intuition that guides her coaching and recommendations and has been my business advisor through several versions of myself in my work. She has been there for me, in good times and in bad, as I have built my legal practice from zero to multiple six-figure revenues. She’s also encouraged and taught me to increase my income without overdoing my effort and to leave behind time-consuming marketing activities that are just not fun! Courtney’s coaching style is professional, direct and always delivered with a delightful sense of humor. She recognizes my accomplishments, even when I don’t see them myself and just happens to be one of the sweetest people I know.”

Patricia McKinney-Lins, JD, Attorney, Neider & Boucher,


“I first met Courtney when my sister and I were starting our jewelry and accessories business and she helped us as a business advisor to grow and thrive. Her coaching and recommendations are spot on and we improved our marketing, our online presence and our communication. Recently, I worked with Courtney again on work/life balance and how to better organize my time. Now I’m putting her insights and practical advice to use daily and remembering to allocate time for myself in the process. Courtney’s coaching style is resource rich and full of well thought out suggestions which has given me much more clarity. Plus, she’s stylish and wears our Beksan jewelry pieces well, which we appreciate! Courtney is a true professional and an organized, caring, smart and intuitive coach. I’m so happy to have worked with her and look forward to coaching with her again.”

Meyla Ruwin, CEO & Co-Owner, Beksan Designs,


“Before I started working with Courtney almost two years ago, I was skeptical that business owners needed a coach. I had known her for a while before I took the plunge and I'm incredibly grateful I did. Since then, I've gained clarity about my vision for my business growth and I’m much more effective at implementing it. My company's revenue has grown by more than 50% and I have a solid plan to tap into the potential on the horizon with the support of my team. Running a business is challenging and Courtney has given me the tools to step up and move beyond what even I thought was possible. I’m still exhausted at times but I’m much happier, both personally and professionally."

Evelyn Alexander, Founder, Magellan College Counseling,

"When I work with a coach, I look for bottom line results…what will our work together do to impact my life, save money, or help me see how I can make more money in my business? I want results. I want to work with someone who is experienced, intuitive, solidly grounded and knows when to listen and when to push me. My experience with Courtney was all of that and more. In just one conversation, she helped me see how I can measure my daily activities in a new way, and suggested a change in one of my businesses that will potentially save me several months of time and effort this year. That’s a rich payoff of my time and money. Bottom line – no disappointment, good gains.  Courtney has my recommendation!"


Sue Painter, Owner, The Confident Marketer,

"Courtney was referred to me when I was considering a career change. Having been in corporate finance for 10+ years, I was ready to work for myself but was unsure where to begin. After long hours, year after year, glued to my phone/email, I desired some flexibility in my career – the ability to work on my terms, pick my own clients and set my own schedule. Courtney helped guide me through the process of determining the specific steps I needed to make my career change. After speaking with her, I realized that my plan was set in my mind – I just needed to visualize it and build the confidence to actually make the jump. I am now forming a consultancy through which to offer my services and early feedback from the market has been positive!"


Jennifer Peterson, Partner, Luminance Consulting,

“Courtney helped me convert my passion for design into a real business. Since we began, I’ve raised my freelance fees by 191% and I’ve increased my product line and income through my online business, craft fairs and selling at retail shops. I feel much more confident pitching my services and negotiating on my own behalf. I’ve also hired people to help with things I wasn’t interested or skilled at that were barriers to my business moving forward - plus had conversations with my spouse to make sure I have his continued support. I'm grateful I met Courtney at a point where I felt like I was in a ‘sink or swim’ situation. I now realize that it's really about building a life I want for myself, not about getting drawn into the daily grind.”


Andrea Daugherty, Owner & Designer, Tartella, Inc.,

"Courtney and I started coaching when I was transitioning to a new skin care and beauty company with products I love and can stand behind. Since we began our work, I’ve doubled my clients, increased my income by 30% and now I have 5 consultants working with me on my team. I’ve got a revamped newsletter and social media presence that I’m proud of along with a better, more structured process for enrolling new clients. Courtney helped me to use my social skills to my best advantage in my business and it has really paid off. She also urged me to trust my gut as a way to make good decisions and have more confidence. I now have a better outlook on business, success and happiness and finally believe that I can have what I want!"


Elise Cohen, Independent Beauty Guide, LimeLife by Alcone,

"For me, the shifts in my perspective resulting from my Success Makeover with Courtney changed everything. With her help, I was able to get very clear on what I needed in the next phase of my life and my career. My sessions with Courtney were focused, yet expansive. She was able to hone in on what I needed, whether tactical (such as interview techniques) or philosophical (what does the ideal work life include?). The results are staggering to me still: I have a brand new position where I’m working less and earning more – plus I’m feeling so optimistic about the road ahead. I will be forever grateful for Courtney’s guidance, which helped transform one of my most difficult periods into one of my most powerful professional successes."


Abby Sharpe, Director of Clinical Applications, Harbor Health Services, Inc.,

“When I first contacted Courtney, I was feeling off course with the direction of my business. Within our first session, Courtney helped me identify that I had temporarily lost my “joie de vivre” because I was afraid to rebrand with a more genuine message. I was amazed at the clarity I gained after only 30 minutes. During our coaching, I renamed and redirected my business, created programs within the new paradigm and redesigned my newsletter that now has a higher open rate. Courtney reacquainted me with my own commitment to pleasure and having fun. I learned to trust the process and never felt like I was doing anything "wrong". She was kind, understanding, and intuitive - I’m glad that I have someone like her in my corner.”


Barbara L Cummings, MS, RN, Owner, Sassy Sensual Living,

“Working with Courtney had me redefine what I wanted after being a stay-at-home mom for some time. We were able to identify specific reasons I was scared or frustrated and then map out a plan of action. I decided during our coaching to return to the field I’d worked in previously and I’m now the Administrative Director for a prominent medical association. Courtney also helped me through the process of my divorce and I’m happy to say I’m in a new and healthy relationship with a truly wonderful man. Coaching with Courtney is like putting on a pair of glasses with the right prescription after a lifetime of wearing the wrong ones. By the time I stopped working with her, I felt like I had shed a skin and a new person had emerged." 


Marina Blakeman, Administrative Director, American Pediatric Surgical Association,

“I started coaching with Courtney in the early stages of my business and she helped me get a date on the calendar for my launch, know what to prioritize and set clear goals. Just starting out, I felt I could easily spend too much time working on the “wrong things” and Courtney helped to keep me on track. I now have ten clients (eight paying and two barters) in my first three months and my confidence has increased by leaps and bounds. Most importantly, she reminds me why I started this business in the first place - to ENJOY my career! Her advice to give myself time to get inspired or to skip a networking event if I’m not feeling well has been invaluable. Courtney’s shown me that taking care of ME ultimately leads to more opportunity.”


Danielle Reidy, Founder, Organizer & Stylist, Sadie Road,

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