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It's Not Business It's Personal Guide

An exploration of 7 mindset issues women face as they move to the top with (plus the “keys” to moving through them) including…


  • How being under or overinspired can get in the way of great work

  • The importance of slowing down so you can get more done

  • What to do if you experience feelings of Imposter Syndrome

  • How to focus on and trust yourself to fuel your professional growth

  • The key to allowing more success even if your next level scares you

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A short, sweet and powerful workbook filled with 10 strategies (plus a tip and action step for each) to help you...


  • Focus your time and energy on what matters in your job or business

  • Prioritize money so you can boost your income and protect your bottom line

  • Get clear and confident on your strengths, expertise and big picture vision

  • Manage daily operations and balance work and life responsibilities

  • Shift how you think and act so you can level UP without burning out

If you use Gmail, see note below

Work Smarter Not Harder Success Guide

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