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Create the business, career and life of your dreams


Whether you’re looking to find your passion and make a career change, you love your work but want and need to scale up or you’re at the top but you can’t keep growing without burning out, I’m here to help.


My job is to support you in getting crystal clear on your vision and then help you make that vision a reality. My 5-Step Passion Success & Balance Coaching Method is designed to address every aspect of your success including…


  • Vision & Passion

  • Business & Career Growth

  • Organization & Effectiveness

  • Success & Happiness Mindset

  • Work & Life Balance

As your coach, I’m here to inspire you, challenge you, educate you and give you specific tools and strategies to help you thrive both professionally and personally. I’m 100% invested in your success and use every ounce of knowledge, expertise and intuition I have at my disposal from the 18 years I’ve spent coaching and over 30 years learning from masters.

Work with Courtney Parks

Since work and life are always so closely connected, my coaching offers a fully integrated approach. Even if we're focusing on your professional development like your marketing strategy or team-building process, you'll get personal support around relationships, finances, health, parenting and other areas important to you. As a lesbian who's been part of the LGBTQ+ community for over 30 years, I also coach on issues related to coming out, being open in the workplace, gender fluidity and more, if you need it.


I help your business and career outside the coaching relationship in every way I can. As a private client, you get extra perks including introductions within my network, social media mentions and features, access to preferred vendors and resources plus an insider’s view of exactly how I run my own successful business.


Private coaching with me is strategic, powerful and often truly magical…and yes, it will transform your business, career and life in the best ways you can imagine.


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