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Success Makeover

3 sessions on the vision, plan & mindset you need for success & happiness now

with Courtney Parks Coaching

Coach with me and get the strategy and support you need to reach your next level of success

Hi, I’m Courtney

While I love my business now, I know what it’s like to feel frustrated, unhappy and unfulfilled at work.


Before I became a coach 18 years ago, I had a few different careers. I did work that was interesting but didn’t thrill me, work that was meaningful but had me in tears, work that was fun but wasn’t challenging. I was underpaid in every position.


Even when I felt "successful" and proud to be sharing my gifts, I was completely tapped out…and I knew things could be so much better.


Fast forward to now and I adore my work, enjoy my life and have created true, lasting success. While everything isn’t perfect, it’s night and day compared to how it used to be for me.

Over the years...

  • I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars on some of the best training, coaching, therapy, healing and business development programs money can buy

  • I've coached and supported thousands of women combining my expertise in business and career growth with my background in psychotherapy and my intuitive gifts

  • I've even developed a Passion Success & Balance Coaching Method to help women grow professionally without burning out personally and have been amazed by my clients' transformations

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Courtney Parks, MA, CPCC

My Success Makeover gives you the essential tools to reach your next level of success. We’ll create a personalized program focused on exactly what you need to make powerful change in just 3 sessions.

Clarity on where your business, career and life are headed

A solid strategy for your business and career development

A mindset that supports you professionally and personally


"When I work with a coach, I look for bottom line results…what will our work do to impact my life, save money, or help me make more money in my business? In just one conversation, Courtney helped me see how I can measure my daily activities in a new way, and suggested a change in one of my businesses that will save me several months of time and effort this year."

Sue Painter, Owner, The Confident Marketer

Here are some examples of how I can help…

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  • Discover your passion, strengths and what to do now in your career

  • Create your ideal professional vision that truly complements your life

  • Match your business and career growth process with your personality

Green chairs


  • Advance your career through networking, negotiation and leadership

  • Build your business with a model, message and pricing that fits and works

  • Adjust your schedule to make room for yourself, work, family and friends


Orange banquet


  • Shift your beliefs so they fuel your success and support your well-being

  • Get clear on your worth and comfortable making more money with less effort

  • Move from feeling guilty and frustrated to being motivated and inspired



Courtney was able to hone in on what I needed, whether tactical (such as interview techniques) or philosophical (what does the ideal work life include?). The results are staggering to me still: I have a brand new position where I’m working less and earning more – plus I’m feeling so optimistic about the road ahead.

Abby Sharpe, Sr Director of Clinical Operations, Harbor Health Services
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