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Be A Great Boss Without Being Bossy

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It can be a tricky balance for women to be both effective and respected as leaders.


All too often, I hear clients and colleagues frustrated by how their team is (or isn’t) operating and struggling to be in charge without seeming “too weak” or “too strong”.


If you have people who work for you - whether it’s a part-time contractor or a full-fledged staff - you know how crucial these relationships are to your overall business success.


So here are some habits that will help you connect with and empower those who support you.


Schedule meetings consistently


This might seem obvious but the easiest way to get great results from your team is to communicate regularly…and sadly, many bosses don’t do this.


While yes they take time, ongoing meetings and/or one-on-one’s will help you and your team stay on the same page. They are your chance to present projects, review progress, deal with challenges and check on employee well-being. They can even boost morale by making those who work with you feel more engaged and more valued.


Just like coaching, consistent opportunities for discussion, goal setting and accountability keep relationships strong and improve results. So please don’t skip this step, even if your check-ins are brief.


Be clear about specifics


Before meetings, it’s important to outline what you want to share and exactly how your team can help. Your goal is to set the tone and to set expectations so everyone understands their role and their assignments.


I recommend making a project or discussion list before every meeting and prioritizing the details in order of importance. That way you know - and your team knows - what to do and what really matters most.


Being thoughtful, organized and clear about what you expect helps ensure a smooth workflow and always leads to better outcomes in the end.


Get curious about challenges


We often make assumptions about what motivates and works for others, especially if things aren’t happening the way we plan.


It’s easy to get frustrated with those who work for you when problems arise…but instead of getting upset, get CURIOUS.


Keep an open mind. Ask your employees what will help them to get better results. Enroll them in the process of finding solutions as opposed to trying to figure it out on your own.


While you always have the final say, working together on challenges gives your team the chance to take ownership of their work and responsibility for themselves. It also gives you the chance to join with them as a leader.


So the next time you get stuck, remember it’s called “team” for a reason.

Get the support you need as a leader


While I share some important basics in my article above, private coaching offers a deep dive into the strategy and the mindset needed to shift from being a boss to a true leader. If you’re ready to level up in this area - or in your overall success (without exhaustion, of course) - simply schedule time for a Free Consultation with me and see how I can help.


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