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Putting Intuition To Work At Work

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Intuition is a powerful tool that can help you get crystal clear on your direction, make important, meaningful decisions and create extraordinary results.


Leading with intuition in your professional life and backing that up with strategy, planning and implementation is literally how dreams come true - and taking inspired action on “million-dollar ideas” with moves that light you up will fuel your business and career like nothing else.


While this sounds great, it’s easy to get stuck…whether you’re used to relying on intuition in your work or not.


The good news is you don’t need to sit back and wait for inspiration to strike!


It will strike - and often at times we least expect it - but we can encourage the process with questions, awareness and active experimentation.


Here are a few simple ways to dig deeper and tap into the magic that lives inside you to guide and amplify your success.


Take your own advice


A great way to connect with your inner guidance is to give yourself the advice you’d give others.


Years ago, a former client who ran a PR firm hired me to help her launch a passion project so she could transition to TV journalism. Since this move was exciting but also scary, she kept questioning her next steps.


So I asked, “what would you do if you were your own PR consultant?” and suddenly she had the answers. Create a simple marketing plan, edit the videos she’d shot and reach out to those she knew who could promote them. 


You don’t have to be an expert to connect with your next steps. Simply ask yourself how you’d help someone else in your position…then pay attention to what shows up.


Stretch your limits


Leveling up professionally often requires us to shift our beliefs and behaviors, master new skills and show up as our best (or better) selves.


Many of my clients are leaders in their industry - business owners and executives who know they need to adapt how they think and act to both sustain and continue their growth.


When we check in intuitively, it becomes clear what they need most to thrive.


Some see the need to be taken more seriously, which translates to speaking the truth and expressing confidence in tough situations.


Some recognize a disconnect with their team so they engage employees more in problem solving, decision making and the overall company vision.


Others realize they have (or have taken on) too much responsibility and learn to delegate and set boundaries to do their best work without burning out.


If you want your intuition to teach you what you need to evolve, ask yourself what’s most important to raise your professional level now…then make a decision and take steps to act on it.


Go for the 42


The beauty of your intuition is that it will help you think bigger and step into your ultimate vision for your work and life…rather than staying stuck and operating from your status quo.


One of the questions I ask my Premier clients before their Business & Career Visioning Session is…


“If anything were possible, what would you want for your work and life? Dream BIG here - on a scale of 1-10, what does a 42 look like?”


The 42 takes you out of reality and into potential where your intuition lives. It reveals your true wishes and desires and gives you the awareness and the opportunity to make them happen.


I’ve helped clients launch new businesses and land dream jobs by simply giving them permission to imagine their ideal work as a starting point.


I’ve had others bring in twice the income from a new venture because we expanded their perspective, upped their projections and redesigned their strategy.


I even had one client find a beautiful, affordable home - giving her the chance to turn her finances around, work fewer days and focus on her passions - in a way we could have never predicted.


While your goals may be different, your intuition is always guiding you on your route to success - and it can make your process easier and faster because the steps you take are aligned with your true desires. It’s important to make smart decisions when it comes to your professional life, but never forget to trust your gut.

Let’s tap into intuition and create more success


If this post resonates and you’re ready to work together to use intuition and action to create your own extraordinary results, trust your gut and take advantage of my Intuitive Success Sessions. You’ll save $350 through Friday May 3rd when this special program and pricing says goodbye. Get all the details on who I serve, what to expect (including bonuses) and topics we can cover in your Intuitive Success Sessions now. 


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