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Creating Success In Your Comfort Zone

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Comfort is seriously underrated, especially when it comes to business and career growth.


Most believe that it’s impossible to grow when you’re too comfortable…and sometimes that’s true. But there are also many ways that comfort can “work”.


Lately, I’ve had a strong desire for change and a strong desire for comfort. It can be tough to have these feelings at the same time when you believe that you can’t have both.


But as I’ve been talking to so many women about wanting more - but not wanting to feel uncomfortable - I come right back to my core philosophy and what I know deep down.


We make up that professional growth has to feel a certain way - challenging, even painful, as we crawl our way to the top. And that can absolutely be the case for some.


But what if you decided your success was going to feel wonderful?


What if you remembered that you’re designed for your dream and that your work can fit you like a glove?


What if you trusted yourself and your vision enough to know that you could “have it all”, whatever that looks like for you?


Would you be less afraid to make the leap?


The gift of stepping INTO your comfort zone is working in ways that are natural for you - literally staying in your “comfort zone of genius”.


It’s figuring out the easiest and most enjoyable ways to reach your goals.


It’s saying yes to what feels right and letting go of what’s not working.


It’s cushioning the fear and managing the obstacles by being extra loving to yourself.


When you stop buying in to the idea that reaching (or staying at) the top must be difficult, you can finally start listening to your inner voice so it can guide you there.


Pay attention to your beliefs about success and think about how much you’ve absorbed from others and from the culture. Check in to see if these beliefs actually feel good and resonate with you.


If not, make a decision that you are going to find your unique way to thrive and live into your vision, on your own terms. First by freeing your mind and then by adjusting your actions.


If you want my help with this in 2024, let’s set up a time to talk.


Most importantly, know that you have my support and I’m with you :).


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