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Positioning Yourself As An Expert

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While it’s sad, it doesn’t surprise me that many women have trouble claiming they’re an expert in their field or they’re the best at what they do.

We’ve been conditioned not to brag for fear of turning people off, creating competition or rubbing up against cultural ideas about how women should show up professionally.

When it comes to business, though, minimizing what you’re great at can keep you from being hired, promoted or sought out for numerous opportunities that can make you money. Even if it’s not about money, being comfortable and confident with your gifts is a game changer.

If you’re hesitant to share your best professional self, here are some steps to help you own your expertise and use it to fuel your success.

Notice what’s easy for you

It’s important to remember that what’s easy for you is not necessarily easy for others.

Whether you’re masterful at organizing, a whiz with data or a pro at running groups, most people don’t know what you know, they certainly couldn’t get paid for it and many would pay you to do it for them.

If you’re doing great work in your chosen field, consider yourself an expert. If something is natural and easy for you that’s hard for others, that makes you an expert too. If you’re skilled in multiple areas in ways that set you apart, your expertise is worth even more.

It’s easy to put so much weight on the word “expert” that you simply talk yourself out of your talent. Remember that your knowledge and the unique spin you put on your work have inherent and significant value.

List your talent and skills

I regularly help clients get clear about all they have to offer so they can level up professionally.

Whether it’s revising their resume, improving their marketing, prepping for negotiation or increasing their prices, it starts with detailing what they do and the results they get.

Since I worked on my new website recently, I spent time on my own details which include business and career growth, client and customer enrollment, leadership and team management, scheduling and structuring time, mindset and motivation, spirit and law of attraction and more.

If you question your professional worth, keeping a running list of your skills, strengths and achievements - along with the impact you’ve made in your job or business - will help you recognize and cement your expertise.

Put yourself out there

Once you have more clarity, it’s time to let yourself SHINE. Get known for something special. Elevate your role on your team. Focus on your genius work.

Maybe you move beyond daily responsibilities and become a leader in your business or industry. Maybe you write, speak and gain exposure for your brilliance. Maybe you negotiate your role to highlight your strengths and get paid more for the great job you’re already doing.

You don’t need to be in the spotlight if that’s not right for you. But sharing yourself and the contributions that you alone can make will open doors to more work, more income and more success.

If you’re in the spotlight already, I encourage you to expand your vision so the right people and the right platforms have access to your amazing gifts.

The world needs you, needs what you have to offer and needs your distinctive way of offering it.

Trust me, I’m an expert ;).


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